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Go Find the Money

In today’s Chron there is another story about the Mayor and the Firefighters’ pension. The Firefighters are not backing down. No way Jose.

Police and Firefighters have the toughest and most dangerous jobs. The head of the Firefighters’ pension board is telling the City – you want us, you go find the money to pay for us. That is his bottom line. Here is a part of the Chron article:

Todd Clark, who chairs the fire pension board, told a City Council committee on Thursday that the proposal would “put a firefighter on welfare,” hurt morale and weaken the department’s ability to retain and recruit staff.

Council members Larry Green, Jerry Davis and Jack Christie pushed back, asking Clark whether there was room for compromise.

‘We have a problem’

“I understand that you think the fire pension doesn’t have a problem, but as someone who has just gone through the budget process for the city of Houston, we have a problem,” Green said. “Our objective is not to become Detroit. What’s the solution?”

Clark responded, “The best thing you can do is just come up with the money. It’s not my job to balance the city’s budget. What the city should be doing is finding ways to meet the promises made, not trying to cut the benefits. No changes need to be made to our system. We’re a very strong and healthy pension system.”

Clark is saying – go raise taxes and please leave us alone. He does have a point. It is not their job to balance the budget. They didn’t run for City Council. Politically, this is a tough one. Stay tuned!

Name the MLB pitcher with the second highest complete games this season?

Commentary doesn’t have a problem with the new UT Chancellor getting $1.2 mil a year. Don’t have a problemo with $300,000 in annual bonuses. Don’t have a problemo with $400,000 in supplemental retirement payments. But $300,000 in moving expenses! Come on! Where is The Dean when you need him?

Dallas Keuchel of course is second in the MLB with five complete games.

We took four out six from the Yankees this season so I guess you can call it progress.

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