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A Little Response

Yesterday was Dante’s 15th BD. We celebrated at a local eatery. As you all know, Dante hangs with me at The Yard once or twice a homie. Happy Birthday Yesterday Dante!

Today is my Dad’s 91st BD. Wow! Happy Birthday Dad!

I guess The Dean checked Commentary yesterday and sent me this:

Small Sampling of the Support my Office has received:

“Thank you for speaking up and stopping the dumb policy. I would have negatively affected Mexican Americans.”

Just wanted to mention I saw the Senator’s comments regarding Uof H considering the requirement of incoming freshmen to live on campus. My son will probably be attending U of H Fall of 2016 and this requirement had me quite concerned, for various reasons related to my son. I’m very grateful for the Senator speaking up as he did. Such valid points he made! Thank you Senator! 🙂

Dr. ______ called to commend you for your comments in the Chronicle today. He said you were right on the money and that he shared a similar experience to yours when he went to UH. Should you want to reach out to Dr. _______ he can be reached on his direct office line at _______.

Thank you for your action that ultimately resulted in stopping the ill-conceived plan to require on-campus residency at the University of Houston. Except for my first year and a half of college immediately after high school I was a commuting student. I would not have been able to complete my higher education otherwise. I commuted through my remaining undergraduate, masters, and doctorate degree requirements. As a working married person with children I could never have finished my formal education otherwise. During my studies I met many commuting students like myself. As a professor I had many commuting students who could not have gotten their degrees without commuting. The College of Technology, where I taught, offered many evening courses on a rotating basis for the student who had families and jobs, and for whom commuting was the only viable means of attending UH.

Michael Cuddyer of the Rockies hit for the cycle this past weekend against Cincy. As a member of the Twins back in 2009, Cuddyer hit for the cycle against the Brewers. He became the third player in MLB history to hit for the cycle in different leagues. Name the other two former MLBers who hit for the cycle?

The Trib yesterday ran a story on who is going to foot the bill for Guv Dude’s legal fees. It would be unprecedented for the state to cover the costs. Dude, that’s an easy one. You got around 4 mil in RickPAC or just put together a legal defense fund. Take that issue off the table. That’s PR101. You would be a dumbarse to take heat on this while 4 mil is sitting in the bank. Duh! Here is the Trib story:


Here is an update from the Trib:

Gov. Rick Perry, who has been using taxpayer dollars to pay his defense lawyers, will tap campaign funds from now on to compensate the attorneys who are fighting his felony indictments, his spokesman said Wednesday night.

Perry spokesman Felix Browne said the governor, who has blasted the indictments as a “farce,” did not want to saddle taxpayers with the cost of a wrongful prosecution.

“This is an assault on the Constitution,” Browne said. “We don’t want it to be an assault on the taxpayers as well.”

Perry will use funds in his state campaign account, he said. As of June 30, the account had more than $4 million in it.

State records show taxpayers have spent about $80,000 so far to represent Perry as he faced criminal investigation. He was indicted last week on two felony counts stemming for allegedly abusing his office with a threat to veto funds destined for the state’s public integrity unit, which oversees public corruption cases.

I guess they read my mind. That is a good move on Dude’s part.

Bob Watson hit for the cycle as a ‘Stro (1977) and Red Sox (1979) and John Olerud hit for the cycle as a Met (1997) and Mariner (2001) of course.

I don’t know what to think about the ’Stros. We split four at Fenway. We’ve taken the first two at Yankee Stadium. Then you never know if we will drop five straight.

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