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Prediction on Dude

Jose Altuve hit the ‘Stros’ fourth grand salami of the season. Name the players with the other three?

I first met Guv Dude when he got elected in 1984. I reported to our staff in the Guv’s Office that he was already looking at running for something higher. I was right. He stopped being a Dem then beat a sitting Dem Ag Commissioner. He beat John Sharp for Lite Guv 1998. He became Guv when W went to DC and won again in 2002, 2006, and 2010. The only time he got his arse handed to him politically was when he left the state and ran for Prez. Dude has pretty much had his way here at home. Remember when he wore down the Texas Eleven back in 2003?

Yeah, I know! Now he’s facing a felony indictment. This isn’t a political race or legislative battle. But you know what? Some Dems helped make it political Friday evening by going on twitter and calling Dude corrupt, unethical, and asking for his resignation. FYI: Commentary sent out a couple of tweets poking fun of Dude’s situation.

Dude came back Saturday afternoon and hit back and played offense. He called the indictments “partisan political theatrics.” He even surprised me a bit and took a couple of questions from the media. Dude then tweeted this:

Moments ago, I delivered these remarks to the media in Austin.

Wrong. He didn’t deliver the remarks to the media. He delivered the remarks to folks throughout the state and country. He even got in a mention of the issue that he is currently riding – the border. CNN carried his remarks live.

What got completely lost is the role GOP judges played in appointing the Special Prosecutor who in fact has close ties to the GOP.

Most high profile folks that get indicted might make a brief statement then go hide until their trial. Not Dude! Dude was on TV yesterday and even mentioned that David Axelrod said the indictment was “sketchy.” Axelrod is arguably the best Dem strategist in the country. Dude also said that Alan Dershowitz said the indictment was a “criminalization of party differences.” Dershowitz has said that he would never vote for Dude.

We have seen Dude in action the last couple of months. He has turned the crisis of children from Central America fleeing from the dangers and violence in their countries into narco-terrorists overrunning our border communities. He has called out the National Guard in a play to improve his standing among potential 2016 Tea Party voters.

Dude is going to completely ignore that Dems were not involved in getting his arse indicted. He is going to continue to call it a partisan political witch hunt. He is going to make a lot of noise on this and when Dems try to deny their involvement, his folks are going to ask then why the ED of the Lone Star State Dem Party was parked outside of Dude’s presser on Saturday and holding court with the media right after that got some run on Trib Live. The ED was calling for Dude’s resignation.

If the charges are not dismissed, he will make noise about not being able to get a fair trial in Travis County because of its color.

Dems don’t have a unified message. Some like the State Dem Party, the Lone Star Project, and Cong. Castro are calling for his resignation or are calling him corrupt. Axelrod says “sketchy.” Some like Team Davis are just saying the charges are “serious.” Others are silent.

A number of respected criminal defense attorneys from throughout the state in various publications have said that the charges won’t stick.

Dude has a platform to up the decibel level on his indictment. The Special Prosecutor really doesn’t. So Dude can go and try to taint a potential jury pool unless of course the judge throws a gag order into the mix but that should not prevent Dude’s folks from making noise.

I have said it before. It hasn’t been a good move to bet against Guv Dude over the past 30 years. Yep, that’s 30 years since he first got elected.

Here is what Texas Monthly’s Erica Grieder put out yesterday:

Perry, unsurprisingly, responded Saturday by doubling down, dismissing the indictment as “outrageous.” More surprising, perhaps, is how quickly public opinion has moved in his favor, or at least in favor of proceeding with caution. Republicans were quick to rally round, but even independents and Democrats, after the initial fizzle faded, seemed skeptical of the indictment.

If I have to lay down a bet, I am betting Dude walks.

Along with Altuve, Chris Carter has two grand salamis and Jon Singleton has the fourth of course.

I tweeted this yesterday

#AlrightAlrightAlright cool @JuliaMoralesCSN interview with Matthew McConaughey at #FenwayPark during @astros game and talk fanny packs.

And this:

Matthew McConaughey said “hot box” when talking about a rundown during the game. Have not heard “hot box” since…….. #Astros #CSN

Nobody says “hot box” these days. I guess it is OK if you are an Oscar winner.

He’s also a fan of the ‘Stros. I am thinking this interview made Julia Morales’ season.

Hey folks! In the 50 plus seasons here H-Town we have never had a player win the batting title. Jose Altuve now leads the MLB in hits and batting average. We only have sixteen home games remaining including match-ups with contenders like the A’s, Angels, Cleveland, and Mariners. You might want to go check out The Yard for some meaningful baseball – contending teams and Altuve’s quest to win our first ever batting title!

We won our 52nd game yesterday. We only won 51 last year.

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