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Meet the Press

It was announced yesterday that Chuck Todd would replace David Gregory as host of “Meet the Press.” Now you can all YAWN. Here is what I said last month:

I have said it before that the Sunday morning news talk shows have become stale with the same old tired talking heads from the DC media and political class. They are so predictable and come armed with the same old talking points. I have them on but I am usually occupied with other matters on Sunday mornings. I am really not surprised by the fact that NBC will be making changes to “Meet the Press.”

The best Sunday talk show is “Fareed Zakaria GPS” on CNN. However, he mostly focuses on international issues. His guests don’t come armed with snarky lines to shoot at the other side.

“Meet the Press” thinks the host is their problem and I disagree. The Sunday morning talk show hosts all have the same old folks on that come in with same old agendas, talking points, and spin strategies. The hosts never call them out and folks are now getting tired of watching. The coziness just oozes off of the flat screen. Folks are fed up with Washington and they really don’t want to see a bunch of cozy insiders telling us what is going wrong when for the most part they are the enablers to what is going wrong.

“Meet the Press” could have used this opportunity to change up their format and focus but instead they brought in frick to replace frack.

I would have looked at bringing on Fareed Zakaria. Maybe Ann Curry? Of course she is probably still in no mood to help out her employer. Maybe Bryant Gumbel?

The other problem with the Sunday morning talk shows (GPS not included) is that folks are not being informed. We don’t learn anything?

They need to take a page out of the NPR playbook. Give a brief update on the latest news items then spend the rest of the hour interviewing the fella that wrote “Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety.”

Ditch your roundtable. Folks don’t want to hear Dem and GOP politicos blaming each other for DC’s ills. Oh, well!

We blew it last night at Fenway. What is our all-time record at Fenway?

Seventy-five years ago today they had the Hollywood premiere of “The Wizard of Oz!” I rate it the third best movie of all time.

Forty-five years ago today Woodstock kicked off.

We are 0-8 at Fenway of course.

It all fell apart for the team in the sixth inning last night. It was brutal.

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