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In yesterday’s Chron sports section there was a big feature story on the 1994 ‘Stros. We went 66-49 that year. 1994 was also the season the players went on strike and the World Serious was cancelled. Name our Opening Day starting pitcher back in 1994?

Who in the Mayor’s Office pi__ed off the publisher of The Leader? Was his phone call not returned? Is his garbage not being picked up? Does he have a big arse pothole in front of his house? Does he have too many loose dogs running around his neighborhood? Did his car get broken into? He really put out a scathing editorial on the Mayor in the latest edition. It is headlined “City Hall needs accountability”. For now you can only check it out in the hard copy. Here are bits:

“My bigger concern with Parker and members of our city council – including those who represent us directly – is that most of their energy has gone into fighting battles that don’t address our most important concerns.”


“I don’t think Mayor Parker or her administration cares one bit what we, the constituents think.”

Ouch! Somebody needs to ‘splain to me what this is all about. His readership includes neighborhoods that helped get the Mayor elected.

Commentary for the most part approves of comments submitted unless they are extremely offensive. I even put up those that are critical of Commentary. For the most part I trust that folks that comment got it figured out. Here is one comment in response to the “Limoinsider”:

“Electricity bills tripled after deregulation? The writer is on drugs. Ours is less than it was. In addition, the writer is a disingenuous shill for the rent seeking potentates that run the current monopoly. Hopefully Uber will make Yellow Cab et al pick up their game.”

I don’t know if getting personal with the “Limoinsider” was necessary, after all, folks kind of figured out if you call yourself “Limoinsider” you are on the side of the limos and taxis. Oh, well.

Since yesterday morning I have seen four AG Abbott “Madrina” ads and one Team Davis “Assault” ad.

Pete Harnisch of course was our starting pitcher back on Opening Day of 1994 as the ‘Stros beat the Expos in 12 at the Dome.

Where has the season gone? After the Twins three-game series that starts tonight at The Yard, there are only two more homies left. Well we took two of three from the Rangers.

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