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I am thinking Team Davis does not think much of Burkablog. Here is his latest headline and take:

What Governor’s Race?

With three months to go until the general election, there isn’t much reason to talk about the governor’s race. It’s over. In fact, there was no governor’s race. The only good day Wendy Davis had was the contretemps with Abbott over his keeping the location of dangerous chemicals secret, an exchange that Davis clearly won. Otherwise she has little to show for her efforts.

It’s not entirely her fault. The larger problem is that the Democratic brand in this state is so damaged. The party lacks the infrastructure to win an election. The idea of turning Texas blue this year is a pipe dream. Greg Abbott is no ball of fire, but Republicans have figured out a simple formula to winning the race: just mention Barack Obama’s name at every opportunity. It’s the only strategy they need.

Well, here we are on August 7, less than three months from Election Day, and as a Dem do you feel good about our chances? Over?

Name the former ‘Stros closer who is number five on the list of all-time career saves?

The Uber and Lyft folks prevailed at H-Town City Hall yesterday. In the beginning I didn’t think they would but I guess they did a better job of selling their services. It is what it is. I think it is a bad idea and will only create problems down the line. When that happen, those that supported will of course not claim ownership. That is always the case.

One of the winning side lobbyists tweeted this out yesterday during the debate:

(Council Member Mike) Laster amendment for 24/7 commercial coverage dies a Fiery death! #houcouncil.

I don’t know about rubbing CM Laster’s nose in the dirt. That is kind of like celebrating after a sack.

Billy Wagner of course has 422 career saves.

The bad ‘Stros showed up last night in Philly and we got mauled. We are now only two games ahead of the Rangers.

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