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Well Tom Hagen actually said it to Sonny the other way around, but he actually could be talking to the H-Town Mayor.

I am thinking the opponents of the H-Town equal rights ordinance underestimated the Mayor and supporters of the ordinance. I guess they didn’t think they would go over every petition page and signature with microscopes. They came in with sloppy petitions and got nailed by the Mayor and her folks. They must have forgot that the Mayor said this was personal. There is really no excuse for the sloppiness.

Speaking of underestimating, I guess we have to give congrats to Guv Dude for helping bring SpaceX and spaceport to the Lone Star State. To infinity and beyond I guess.

Name the current active MLB closer with the most career saves?

I am definitely for this. Check this from today’s Statesman:

Nearly all hand-held cellphone use while driving in Austin would be made illegal under a recommendation from the Public Safety Commission on Monday.

The recommendation will come into play for the Austin City Council when it considers fast-tracking the creation of a new ordinance during its meeting Thursday. A resolution set for vote would direct the city to create an ordinance by Aug. 28 and begin an approval process for any new cellphone laws, Assistant Police Chief Brian Manley said.

We need to do this. Too many times I have had to watch the other guy nearly run into me or run a red light while yacking on their cell. This is a no brainer and I am kind of surprised nobody has advocated this at City Hall.

Joe Nathan of course of the Tigers leads active MLB closers with 363 saves.

The Chron’s sports columnist has a piece today on the ‘Stros raising ticket prices.

The team is in Philly for three and can you believe that we are four up on the Rangers. The Rangers will be at The Yard this weekend.

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