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A Fresher Face?

Here in H-Town we kind of know who is seriously thinking about running for Mayor. Council Member Stephen Costello, State Rep. Sylvester Turner, and former Congressman Chris Bell are the ones most mentioned. We pretty much know what to expect from these three. They have all been around for a while if you know what I mean.

Commentary is hearing that a Latina is talking to folks about making the race. No, she is not a current or former elected official. I won’t mention her name because I have not talked to her. She would certainly be a fresh face. Being a Latina and the only woman in the race would help her. I think she could raise the money – certainly as much as the other three could. She is smart, articulate, and bilingual. Stay tuned for sure on this!

Name the two pitchers that lead MLB will four complete games each?

Let’s see now, Vince Ryan and his crew had a jury unanimously hand them their arses on the Dave Wilson residency trial and now Vince and his crew want to go over the jury’s head and ask the judge to reverse the jury’s unanimous verdict. I don’t know about that. All you are doing is giving Wilson more support in the community. Folks are starting to root for him now. Way to go! Here is from the Chron:

Although a jury decided Dave Wilson lived where he claimed when he ran for the Houston Community College seat he holds, the drama surrounding the perennial candidate continues.

Harris County attorneys filed a motion Wednesday asking Judge Mike Engelhart, who oversaw Wilson’s three-day residency trial earlier this month, to overturn the jury’s unanimous finding and rule in the county’s favor. The county argues Wilson does not live in a warehouse on W. 34th Street that he claimed as his residence when running for the HCC seat in November.

Wilson said he feels he’s being harassed.

“I’m out $38,000 in legal fees from the first of the year,” Wilson said. “I won the election, I won the recount. They took it before the board at HCC, I won that. They had a private investigator follow me around, and they caught me living here. Then I won a jury trial 12 to 0 and now they do this?”

The county’s petition lays out the same facts that assistant county attorney Douglas Ray argued in court: That Wilson owns a home on Lake Lane, outside Houston and the HCC district he won in November. His wife lives in that house and he has claimed it as his residence on tax forms.

Wilson used an address on W. 34th Street, in HCC District II, when he ran for the seat, but the city later determined the warehouse there was not up to code and could not be used as a residence.

“We are asking the judge to rule that as a matter of law Mr. Wilson should not be entitled to enjoy the benefits of having two different domiciles such that he derives benefits from both,” Assistant County Attorney Robert Soard said in an email. “We believe that claiming one domicile for one purpose (tax exemption) precludes, as a matter of law, simultaneously claiming a second domicile for a different purpose (qualification for public office). We are asking the judge to rule on this issue.”

I am glad the Lone Star State decided not to get into the business of telling us what we can do with the Astrodome.

Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers and our own Dallas Keuchel of course lead MLB with four complete games each.

We ended up taking two out of three from MLB’s best team and tonight start a four game series with the Jays from the AL East.

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