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From today’s Chron and certainly the quote of the day:

“We don’t need 1,000 National Guard troops,” said Pharr Mayor Leo “Polo” Palacios. “I think we need to send 1,000 teachers.”

Meanwhile, Senator Showboat is proposing legislation to give the national guard immigration arrest authority. This guy is in la-la-land for sure.

Lisa Falkenberg’s five part series of columns on a messed up local grand jury is must read for sure. It is a sad commentary. It is certainly worth the Chron subscription I pay. Part five is out today.

The GM of Channel 2 came out in support of Uber and Lyft today.

Name the only club in MLB history to win two World Serious Championships the only two times they advanced to the playoffs?

I have said it before that the Sunday morning news talk shows have become stale with the same old tired talking heads from the DC media and political class. They are so predictable and come armed with the same old talking points. I have them on but I am usually occupied with other matters on Sunday mornings. I am really not surprised by the fact that NBC will be making changes to “Meet the Press”. Here is from today’s Politico:

All of the Sunday shows have lost considerable influence in recent years. The programs no longer set the week’s political agenda. More often than not, they serve as a venue for the promotion of stale talking points and conventional wisdom.

NBC places much of the blame for this on viewers’ disenchantment with Washington. In fact, both “Meet the Press” and ABC’s “This Week” have already implemented changes that broaden their shows’ focus. Interviews and policy debates are shorter so that more time can be given to packages on other topics, regardless of their relevance to Washington. This is a departure from the days when Tim Russert would spend segment after segment interviewing one congressman or senator, then debrief with the roundtable. Indeed, it seems to upend the very essence of the genre.

If NBC commits to broadening its scope and decides to reinvent itself for a general audience, it will likely turn to a general news personality like Cynthia McFadden, the network’s senior legal and investigative correspondent, or Savannah Guthrie, the co-host of NBC’s “Today” show. In that event, the show would likely relocate to New York — an event that would be as devastating to Washington’s political-media class as the relocation of The Vatican would be to Rome’s Catholics.

Then again, NBC also knows that compelling television depends in large part on the personality sitting behind the desk. And indeed, no matter what you think of Gregory, George Stephanopoulos, or Bob Schieffer, it’s quite obvious that none of them are as politically engaged as Tim Russert was. Gregory often seems uninterested, his inquiries more scripted than genuine. Stephanopoulos has so many commitments — chiefly, co-hosting “Good Morning America” — that it is impossible for him to stay engaged. Schieffer is nearing retirement.

I would recommend moving the shows out of DC. I would also limit talking heads to maybe one appearance per network every six months. I would also insist on an aggressive host who would cut off guests if they went straight to the talking points. I might even alter the name of the show to “Meet the Press with no Talking Points”.

The Fish of course made the playoffs in 1997 and 2003 and came away with two World Serious Championships.

Let’s see, George Springer is on the DL for a couple of weeks.

The MLB players union filed a grievance against the team for the shenanigans the team pulled trying to sign their top draft picks.

Dexter Fowler is still out.

Sixteen out of the next nineteen games are at The Yard including three consecutive weekends starting this evening.

They are handing out team beach towels tonight and shades tomorrow. We have the Fish this weekend, the A’s next week, and the Jays next weekend.

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