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Name the lefty who has thrown the most career strikeouts?

Guv Dude has a border. Rand Paul doesn’t have a border. Chris Christie doesn’t have a border. Bobby Jindal doesn’t have a border. Dems have a border.

The more folks look at Dude’s latest border adventure, the more goofy it looks. We are forgetting that AG Abbott was right there by Dude a couple of days ago wholeheartedly endorsing his call for putting more cavalry troops on the border. A strategy that is a monumental waste of taxpayer funds. To put icing on the cake, Dude wants The President to foot the bill – fat chance. Here is from the front page of today’s Chron:

The Texas National Guard troops headed for the Rio Grande Valley are expected to provide a high-profile backstop for border agents dealing with the surge of child immigrants that has captured the nation’s attention.

But one thing they can’t do is catch people crossing the border illegally.

Despite calls by Gov. Rick Perry and others for Guard troops with arrest powers to beef up the border, “Operation Strong Safety,” which the governor announced Monday, does not grant the troops that authority.

Critics say the Guard’s presence will do more to send a political message than send anyone home, but Perry’s office says the troops will free federal agents to do their jobs better.

The details of the operation, which could involve as many as 1,000 troops, are much less dramatic than much of the political rhetoric leading up to the deployment would suggest.

Experts say that’s because of the Posse Comitatus Act, a post-Civil War Reconstruction law that has historically limited the military’s role in domestic law enforcement.

“If anybody thinks National Guard is going to be at the border with rifles they’re wrong,” said U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat who represents the border region around Laredo. “I can’t speak for Governor Perry, but the authority the National Guard has is provide support service. They can provide intel support. They can be lookouts. But can they go out there and apprehend? Absolutely, under the law, they cannot do that.”


Monday’s announcement also followed a speech Perry gave in Iowa – the first-in-the-nation presidential caucus state – vowing to take over border security if the federal government couldn’t.

“We know how to secure the border,’ Perry told Iowa GOP activists at a fundraising dinner. “If the federal government will not do its duty, then I will suggest to you that the state of Texas will.”

What a joke and AG Abbott was right there next to Dude smiling like the Cheshire Cat. We need shove this up their-you-know-what particularly amongst Latino voters.

Of course, those in charge of the campaigns apparently are not getting it. THIS IS OUR ISSUE!!!! Oh, well.

The Big Unit, err Randy Johnson of course has 4,875 Ks all-time to lead all lefties.

We won in 12 last night and are now two ahead of the Rangers

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