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Commentary was never in favor of going after HCC Trustee Dave Wilson on his residency. He won his race unfair and unsquare. All you do when you go after him like this is you give him a platform to spew his stuff. Yesterday he put it on Vince Ryan and crew. Here is what I said back on January 2:

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan doesn’t want incoming Houston Community College (HCC) Trustee David Wilson to take office. Vince says Wilson is not a resident of HCC. Excuse me while I scratch my head on this one. Why didn’t Vince move on this right after Wilson filed for office a few months ago? A couple of Democrats that I respect have told me in the past few days that they don’t like the idea of Vince trying to undo the results of an election. Stay tuned on this one for sure.

And here is from today’s Chron on the trial:

Harris County officials hired a private investigator to trail Dave Wilson for four days in their quest to prove he didn’t live where he claimed when he won a seat on the Houston Community College board in November.

But the evidence they gathered and presented in court this week – from clandestine footage of Wilson loading barbecue meats into his wife’s vehicle outside a warehouse, to pictures of the spare, clean apartment inside – wasn’t enough to convince a jury that Wilson was lying about his residence.

“Thank you,” Wilson shouted when the verdict in his favor was announced Thursday afternoon.

It was a waste of resources if you ask me. Now you have legitimized of sorts his victory last November. Now you have given him a win. You let him beat the system. Now more folks will start listening to his arse. I don’t know who gave the thumbs up on this. Dumb move if you ask me but again – they didn’t ask me!

Jose Altuve has 130 base hits. How many hits does he need to break B-G-O’s club record?

Hunker Down doesn’t have any use for any plan that calls for tearing down the Dome. Here is from today’s Chron:

Emmett told the group (Hotel & Lodging Association of Greater Houston) that he did a “poor job” last fall of selling a $217 million plan by the Harris County Sports & Convention Corp. to turn the Dome into an events center. Voters rejected the plan last November.

In his speech to a luncheon crowd at the Four Seasons Hotel downtown, Emmett was not advocating for a specific proposal and told members there is not one currently under consideration by Harris County Commissioners Court. Rather, he said that tearing down the vacant stadium would be a waste of a valuable taxpayer asset and that demolition would come back to haunt him in retirement.

“The Astrodome is the only building in the world that’s 350,000 square feet of column-free space,” he said. “There are a lot of creative people in the world who would love to figure out ways to use the space if we just keep it and make it an option for them.”

Emmett has in the last week expressed vehement opposition to the $66 million proposal commissioned by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and the NFL’s Texans to demolish the vacant stadium and turn it into an outdoor green space like downtown’s Discovery Green where festivals, tailgating and concerts could be held. He did so again on Thursday.

“It’s a silly plan,” he said after his remarks.

Keep Dome alive! I can’t even keep count with all the plans and ideas that have been put forward. I’m thinking Hunker Down is in denial. I really don’t think that if it torn down under his watch folks will see him years from now and say “there goes Hunker ‘Knocked the Dome’ Down!” Oh, well!

Jose Altuve needs 81 base hits to surpass B-G-O’s club record of 210 of course.

Tiger’s in the hunt this morning in the British Open. I’m rooting for him.

The team is in Chicago for three with the White Sox.

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