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Jose Altuve stole his 41st base of the season last night. Who holds the season record for most stolen bases as a ‘Stro?

Don’t expect Guv Dude to be part of the solution on the situation involving the women and children that are coming to the U.S. of A. from Central America. That’s not in Dude’s DNA. He will have his time with The President today but he’ll just end up pulling his duderisms afterwards if you know what I mean.

Don’t expect Dude to pull a Hunker Down. Here from a Channel 2 story yesterday:

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said the county was not contacted about the possibility of using a vacant Houston school as a temporary shelter. Emmett said that is not unusual, but acknowledge the need for a solution.

“To be blunt, you got some people grandstanding and wanting to say things pro or con, but we have a crisis and it has to be dealt with,” said Emmett. “It’s like any other disaster or crisis, you deal with the problem before you start worrying about pointing fingers and trying to exacerbate the problem.”

Way to go Hunker Down!

The Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg has another must read piece today. She writes about the situation and here are parts of her take involving Dude:

All we’ve gotten is pointing fingers and political talking points and outlandish conspiracy theories. Our governor, perhaps driven by presidential aspirations, has jumped the shark, as they say, with his attacks on President Barack Obama. In recent days, Perry has suggested that Obama is either inept at stemming the flow of immigrants or “in on this somehow or another.”

“I hate to be conspiratorial,” Perry said, “but I mean how do you move that many people from Central America across Mexico and then into the United States without there being a fairly coordinated effort?”

Really, Dude? And:

Later, Perry suggested in a TV interview that Obama had an “ulterior motive” in allowing the crisis to escalate. The president and his policies certainly failed to prevent the situation, and may have inadvertently encouraged it.

It is impossible to picture Dude working with The President on this. Dude won’t go League City on us but he also won’t be making a positive contribution. He’ll just be Dude looking at 2016. Oh well!

Burkablog takes another shot at Team Davis. Check this:

Wendy Davis is asleep at the switch again. The Obama administration has opened a new front on the battle over Medicaid expansion. By 2016, says the White House, states that have adopted expansion will have saved $4.3 million. In addition, expansion states would have experienced 3.3 million annual physicians’ visits, 176,000 more cholesterol screenings, 44,000 more mammograms, and 97,000 fewer people experiencing depression. This ought to be a heaven-sent opportunity for Davis to distinguish herself from Abbott. Expansion would have saved Texas $3.1B in 2014, $10.4B by 2017. And yet, the state’s Republican leaders are willing to allow their hatred for Barack Obama to get in the way of improving Texans’ health, not to mention providing billions of dollars for doctors and hospitals.

It is totally crazy for Texas to reject Medicaid expansion. It is equally crazy for Davis and the Democrats not to make the Republicans pay the price for ignoring the health of their consituents. There is no reason for rejecting it except to stick it to Obama. It costs the state a few hundred million dollars to accept expansion, mainly for administrative expenses. In a normal political environment (which Texas does not have), the chief executive of a state who rejected billions of federal dollars would be run out of town on a rail. The next question is, why isn’t Davis making an issue of this. Local governments would be on her side. The entire medical community would be on her side. The business community should be on her side. Rick Perry is history. He is destined to go down as one of the worst governors this state has ever had. And Greg Abbott? By his own admission his main interest as attorney general was in suing the federal government every day. The problem now is cowardice. No politician is willing to stand up and say that Texas should do Medicaid expansion.

Former ‘Stro Gerald Young of course stole 65 bases in 1988 and Altuve is closing in on the season record.

We are only one game behind the Rangers – ouch!

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