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This past Saturday the Chron E-Board endorsed the renovation of Gus Wortham Golf Course and in the process kind of slammed the Mayor- ouch! I am thinking the Mayor has p___ed off one or some of them on something lately. Check this part of the E-Board’s take:

Regrettably, in an ironic twist, a group of elite gardeners from outside of the neighborhood and with the conditional support of Mayor Annise Parker are proposing to bulldoze a historic golf course and replace it with a botanical garden (City looks to boosters for green to maintain golf course,” Page A1, June 30). We oppose that idea and urge the city’s golfing community, led by the Houston Golf Association, the Wortham Park Friends and others in the nearby neighborhoods, to make a stronger effort to save Gus Wortham.

Check out how it ends. Talk about a personal dig of sorts:

What we should not do is what the mayor is advocating: take a long-standing public venue and hold it hostage by saying you come up with the money to save it or we’re giving it to a higher bidder. She would not allow that to happen to parks in Montrose, and it shouldn’t happen to Gus Wortham Golf Course.

Wow! Talk about a slap down! Here is the entire take:

I wonder if this is personal.

I am also thinking that if the next batch of mayoral candidates want East End votes, they will support the renovation of the golf course and oppose putting the botanical gardens there.

Former ‘Stros Alan Ashby and Geoff Blummer called the game yesterday from Anaheim on the flat screen. Name the MLB clubs that drafted Ash and Blummer?

It looks like the folks that oppose the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) have the signatures to put the measure on the ballot this November for repeal. I think the pro-HERO side will prevail in November but the R word might be problematic. I am talking about restrooms. Check this from the Chron:

Again Thursday, (Rev. Max) Miller (of the Baptist Ministers Association of Houston and Vicinity) referenced opponents’ central bugaboo regarding the ordinance, the perceived threat of male sexual predators dressed in drag entering women’s restrooms, saying, “We’re standing up to protect our women and our children.” Foes have dubbed the measure the “Sexual Predator Protection Act.”

The ordinance protects transgender residents’ ability to use the restroom consistent with their gender expression, regardless of their biological sex, but puts the onus on the individual to prove he or she was a victim of discrimination.

(Mayor Annise) Parker, clearly exasperated, decried opponents’ “mystifying” and “strange obsession” with where transgender men and women use the bathroom.

“It is illegal today to go into a place of public accommodation for the intent of committing a crime. It was illegal before, it’s going to be illegal after,” Parker said.

The last thing Commentary wants to do is to tell the pro-HERO folks how to run their campaign, but they better have a way to respond to the restroom charge and that response better not sound “exasperated”. Don’t allow the anti-HERO folks to score points on this. Stay tuned!

I tweeted this the night of the Fourth:

Watching #FreedomOverTX fireworks on #ABC13 – music drown out sound of fireworks – bummer. Can hear sound of fireworks here in Heights.

I stayed at my crib and watched Freedom Over Texas on Channel 13, the Macy’s Concert and Fireworks on Channel 2, and the “Capitol Fourth” on PBS via DVR. Channel 13 needs to let the folks at home hear the fireworks and turn the volume down on the tunes. The tunes need to be background music. It will make for a better at-home experience. The “Capitol Fourth” had the best music but they started firing the fireworks while the sun was still setting. Oh well!

Ash was drafted by Cleveland in the third round in 1969 and Blummer was picked in the seventh round by the Expos in 1994 of course.

As expected Jose Altuve made the AL All Star Team. Starting pitcher Dallas Keuchel has a chance to be the last player chosen.

Here is a take from the skipper on the state of things courtesy of the Chron:

“You’re talking about young talented players,” Astros manager Bo Porter said. “When it’s all said and done, George Springer and Jonathan Singleton, they’re going to be quality, quality players at the major league level.

“But we’re asking them to do something at this stage in their career that they’re probably not ready for. It’s the situation that we’re in as an organization. We don’t have other veteran guys surrounding them. But it’s the cards that they’re being dealt.”

We are on pace to win 65 – maybe.

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