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I am going to have to say I told you so!

I said this past December that the City of H-Town shouldn’t get into the regulation of those payday loan outfits, but nooooooooo, a lot of you said yes. I said this wasn’t a City function, but nooooooooo a lot of you jumped on then CM James Rodriguez. Yeserday the regulation ordinance took effect. Well guess f___ing what? The City isn’t getting into the regulation of this industry. Here is from the Chron today:

On the first day of enforcement, city officials had identified 361 active payday and auto title lenders inside Houston’s city limits, 309 of which had registered under the new rules as of Tuesday morning.

Toya Ramirez, a staff analyst in the city’s Administration & Regulatory Affairs department hired to oversee the ordinance, said it was unclear which of the remaining 52 lenders have closed, moved outside city limits or simply failed to register.

Ramirez said the city will approach enforcement using a complaint-based system, and said there are no stings or compliance audits planned.

That contrasts with statements from City Attorney David Feldman as council prepared to pass the rules last December. Feldman said Houston would have a plan to enforce the ordinance up front, saying, “It’s obviously something that requires not just manpower, but skilled manpower.” The city estimated it would need to add four staff to ensure each lender was audited once every three years.

Houston hired only Ramirez, however.

Asked about enforcement on Tuesday, Feldman said the meaningful way to combat predatory lending is at the state, not local, level, and said many thought federal rules would have trumped the entire discussion by now.

One fricking person? It sounds like it was just a lot of chest thumping going on at City Hall last December. What a joke!

New ’Stro Domingo Santana has been given the numero 13. We all know that Billy Wagner wore the numero 13 from 1995-2003. Name the current MLB skipper that wore the numero 13 as a ‘Stro from 1978-1980? Hint: He was a catcher.

What can you say about the Secretary of Defense Tim Howard? We should have won but we shouldn’t have won if you know what I mean.

MariGirl and I could not decide who we should root for now, but we both agree we wouldn’t root for Brazil. So maybe we will just root against Brazil.

Bruce Bochy of course is the skipper of the Giants and wore the numero 13 as a ‘Stro way back then.

We got run big time last night at The Yard. Well at least we have the folks in uniform that we’re supposed to have. Let’s see if they produce.

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