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And Running

The Mayor kind of tooted her own horn in the Chron yesterday. She wants to stay in public office.

I don’t have a problem with that. Of course, if she wants to run for Guv, it might have to wait until 2022 when Guv Davis finishes her second term. Here is from the Chron:

(Mayor) Parker said she would be interested in running for any number of statewide positions when her third and final two-year term is up in 2016 – even Texas’ top job.

“I would absolutely consider a statewide ballot effort for the right seat,” Parker told the Houston Chronicle, adding that she doesn’t have an exact plan drawn up at this time. “And as the CEO of the 4th largest city in America, I could be the governor of Texas.”

The 58-year-old said she would be “eminently qualified” to be comptroller of public accounts, Texas land commissioner or sit on the three-member Texas Railroad Commission.

Here is the problem. Once she leaves office at the end of 2015 she is out of the spotlight. It is kind of hard to get noticed when you are no longer in office. Nobody pays attention to you. Good luck!

In today’s Chron the Mayor makes it clear she wants to shut down Gus Wortham Golf Course and turn it into a botanical gardens. Well why not shut down the other City golf courses that are losing money? Here is from the Chron:

Mayor Annise Parker believes the botanic garden would be a better use of the city-owned Wortham property, but said local residents and district Councilman Robert Gallegos want the site to remain a golf course.

“The term sheets we’re discussing with them have clear benchmarks: ‘You must raise X amount of dollars by this date,’ ” Parker said. “I intend to have a botanic garden as a backup if they are not able to raise the money that would be necessary to transform the golf course to what it should be in order to be a first-class golf course.”

Jose Altuve is on a roll so to speak. I will be surprised if he is not the AL Player of the Month of June. Altuve made his MLB debut in July of 2011. Name the ‘Stros starting second baseman on opening day of 2011?

My favorite State Rep. after Carol Alvarado pi__ed off the GOP this past weekend over his take on “GOP”. Check this news story:

Republican gubernatorial nominee Greg Abbott‘s campaign blasted remarks made by state Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer at the Texas Democratic Convention in Dallas, calling them inappropriate and symptomatic of the party’s recklessness.

Martinez Fischer, well-known for his penchant for throwing bombs at his colleagues across the aisle, has been especially on point this weekend. During his speech to the full convention Friday, Martinez Fischer said “GOP” stood for “gringos y otros pendejos.” His office has also been handing out six Lotería cards to delegates, one depicting a red-faced Abbott as “El Diablito.”

“Wendy Davis and her allies beliefs that all Anglos and Republicans are ‘gringos’ and ‘pendejos’ is both despicable and insulting to the hundreds of thousands non Anglos that support Greg Abbott, including his own multicultural family,” Abbott campaign spokesman Avdiel Huerta said of the Fort Worth state senator, who accepted the state Democratic Party’s nomination for governor Friday.

“Instead of trying to sell her out of touch ideas like ObamaCare and higher taxes, it appears Sen. Davis new strategy is one of desperation,” Huerta added. Abbott’s wife Cecilia is Mexican American.

Martinez Fischer had this to say in response: “I stand by my words. I did not know Greg Abbott was at the convention to hear me, and if I had known that I would told him directly to his face.”

Abbott’s response came on the heels of a tweet political adviser Dave Carney sent remarking on the number of viewers watching a live stream of Davis speech.

“Given that Greg Abbott, his campaign and his allies have compared Wendy Davis to Hitler, Satan and a Barbie doll, their fake outrage today is both pathetic and predictable,” Davis spokesman Zac Petkanas replied Saturday.

“Clearly, Greg Abbott is desperate to change the subject from his latest scandal of firing an employee in the Attorney General’s office after she refused to lie under oath and smear one of his political opponents,” Petkanas added.

We need to have more of this kind of banter. This kind of campaigning and rhetoric will contribute to getting Latino voters stirred up in the fall. Put Trey on the road!

Bill Hall (who?) of course started at second base for the ‘Stros on opening day of 2011.

From the ‘Stros skipper on Altuve:

“In my opinion, this guy’s the best player in baseball right now.”

And from the Chron on Altuve yesterday:

When Altuve swiped second again in the second inning, he became the first player since Ray Chapman of the 1917 Cleveland Indians to swipe more than one bag in four straight games.

How about that!

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