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And Next Up

Go check out today’s Chron on yesterday’s H-Town City Council meeting. I will not talk about it because I have a conflict. Here is what the Mayor says about City Council in the Chron story:

“I have news for them: I have 18 more months to serve, and I’m not a lame duck,” (Mayor) Parker said after the meeting.

Oh well!

H-Town City Council takes next week off then comes back after the Fourth of July. I am thinking the next big issue before them is the vehicle-for-hire ordinance. Let me say again that I don’t have a dog in this hunt. That being said I’m thinking don’t put your money on the Uber and Lyft movements. First of all I think they have pi__ed off folks here in H-Town by operating illegally. Second of all I think they have been completely outflanked by the disabilities community. Uber and Lyft don’t have an answer to their concerns. Thirdly, their demographic isn’t a political force in our burg – they don’t vote. Fourthly, Uber and Lyft don’t have any roots in our community and that has to count for something – don’t you think? Stay tuned!

Tim Lincecum of the Giants tossed a no-no yesterday against the Padres. He also threw a no-no against the Padres last season. Name the Giant who tossed a no-no in 2012?

I said this yesterday:

The local Dem Party put this out yesterday:

Are you ready for some LETICIA! signs?

The new Leticia Van de Putte for Lt. Governor signs are available for only $5.00 per sign at Harris County Democratic Party headquarters, 1445 North Loop West Suite 110, Houston, TX 77008-1654, 713-802-0085.
Lane Lewis, Chair

Be the first on your street to show your pride in and support of
Leticia for Texas Lt. Governor

I sure hope they don’t ask regular folks in the ‘hood to fork over $5 for a sign. I wish they didn’t have to do this.

Here is how CEWDEM responded:

Sorry Marc…..but every major campaign charges for signs now. Not like it was when we did the silk screening ourselves and glued and pated to sticks. Just a fact of life. That five bucks goes a long way to making sure we have a continuing supply of signs available for folks who can’t afford. Couple of years back, in a prior party administration, signs were charged for at $10 a pop. And folks who needed them or couldn’t afford them were just s__t out of luck. I think you will see plenty of signs out and about when the time comes. btw. Have you been aware the Wendy people, the Angles and even Glen Maxey have been charging for this stuff from the very beginning and not a peep…..even Battleground Texas sells their s__t.

The local party didn’t put that announcement out, I did it personally and signed it and I did it all by my lonesome. Wish it was like the old days….hell I wish we en had campaign buttons, but as you know we don’t…Guess there some economics and supply and demand at play……I’m still waiting to go back to Jack In The Box and get a burger fried and shake for a buck.

Here is how a GOPer responded:

Do they accept EBT Cards in payment for the new Leticia Van de Putte for Lt. Governor yard signs?


Oh well!

The Tea Party folks are crying foul because African American Dems crashed their Mississippi election a couple of days ago. Talk about party purity!

Commentary will be checking out Team USA today at 11 am – will you?

Matt Cain of course put a no-no perfecto on the ‘Stros back in 2012.

Same old song last night from The Yard. I don’t know what else to say except it is Dollar Dog Day this afternoon versus The ATL.

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