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The Greg Abbott Campaign launched a Spanish language ad yesterday that ran on Univision’s live coverage of Copa Mundial during the Brazil versus El Tri match. The ad features the AG’s Latina mother-in-law and Latina sister-in-law saying in Espanol that he’s a nice fella. According to the Chron story on the ads, the ads will continue running during Univision’s coverage of Copa Mundial.

I can’t remember the last time a statewide candidate in the Lone Star State kicked off their paid advertising on Spanish language TV. We are usually an afterthought or a no thought. It is good strategy. He is on the air talking to a key voter. He’s on alone. He’s airing during the most popular sporting event of the Spanish speaking community.

He is also letting the Spanish speaking voter know that he’s married to a Latina and his familia is Latina. This is interesting. We will see where this goes.

I wonder when Team Davis is going Espanol. Here is the story on the ad and the ad itself:

This may be the best thing that could happen to Team Davis. Having to go up on Spanish language TV in the summer could very well create a buzz of sorts in the Latino community – resulting in a higher voter turnout.

Name the three MLB franchises that have never produced a NL Cy Young Award winner?

Speaking of the World Cup, Commentary is not very knowledgeable about soccer. I know what a soccer ball is. I know what a goal is. I don’t know how many players you have to have on the field or pitch. Don’t ask me to name each position. I could probably name only a handful of soccer players past and present. I know the matches are 90 minutes long but don’t ask me why they add minutes. I would not know a Real Madrid from a ManU. I know what El Tri is. I have only been to BBVA Compass once – I was invited to watch from a suite.

You are not going to catch me dissing the most popular sport in the universe. I confess I am one of those that just pays attention during the World Cups. I am not one of those that is going to say it is boring because they have 1-0 scores. I get the excitement of the sport.

Two days ago I had to run an errand and listened to Team USA on 97.5 FM. I watched the rest on ESPN and was sitting on the edge of my recliner when Ghana got their goal and whooped it up when we came back a few minutes later.

I spend my time on MLB of course but certainly have nothing but respect for the world’s game. USA, USA!

The HFD firefighters union gave the big thumbs down to the proposed negotiated contract. It was a 93% landslide, err avalanche vote. They obviously didn’t like the deal. I am thinking the union rank and file doesn’t have lot of confidence in their president. I am hearing that they didn’t like the fact that the deal included a provision that prevented the chair of the fire fighters pension board from taking time off to do pension work. I am thinking it was kind of silly that this was in the deal in the first place. I am thinking that the rank and file would just rather wait and cut a deal with the next mayor. They definitely don’t like the current mayor.

Can somebody please ‘splain to me why Andre Johnson is unhappy? Is it because he doesn’t think we have a good QB on the roster.

The Fish, Reds, and Rockies of course have never produced a Cy Young Award winner.

Jose Altuve had four base hits last night but we still lost 6-5 to the Nats.

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