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Oh brother! It looks like H-Town has another slogan according to the Chron. Meet “Houston, The City With No Limits!” Huh! Why do we need another slogan when none of the past slogans have stuck around? Remember “Houston Proud”, “Houston, Expect the Unexpected”, “Houston is Hot”, and “Houston, It’s Worth It.” We are also Space City, Bayou City, and used to be Clutch City. It is like we are always searching for who we are. I wish some of our leaders would quit trying to define our identity. We are just H-Town so just let it be.

George Springer won the AL Rookie of the Month for May. Name the last ‘Stro to win Rookie of the Month?

Here is what Lisa Falkenberg said about the HPD police chief today on all the cases that were not investigated last year:

While the buck does stop with the mayor, the direct responsibility lies with HPD Chief Charles McClelland.

Those 20,000 burglaries, thefts, assaults and hit-and-run cases that didn’t get investigated shouldn’t have been a surprise to the chief. The data from the report that revealed them publicly was based on monthly HPD management reports of cases with workable leads.

Why did we find out about the problem from a study and not from the chief himself?

He could have sounded the alarm and made sure our precious few sworn officers were utilized in the most effective way.


Hunter Pence of course won the NL Rookie of the Month in May of 2007.

The slogan of the NCAA is “Show Me the Money!” That’s why the Longhorns are hosting the Coogs in the Super Regional this weekend.

There was a special energy at The Yard last night. 23,000 plus were excited to witness Jon Singleton’s MLB debut and he didn’t fail us. Singleton slammed an eighth inning dinger into the ‘Stros bullpen and help carry the team to a 7-2 victory. The Jon Singleton era has begun! Or as GM Luhnow tweeted yesterday – #Springledon!

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