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I hope 20,000 crimes not being worked by HPD this past year is not the new normal in H-Town. You kind of have to wonder where public safety ranks these days. I wonder how we compare to other cities.

It kind of has a hollow ring to it if we go around saying that we held the line on taxes and came in under budget but we didn’t bother to investigate 20,000 burglaries, thefts, and hit and runs. By the way, that’s 1,818 crimes per council district that didn’t get looked into. Tell that to your constituents.

The police union says we need 1,500 new officers. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I think it is only going to get worse.

Here is a Burkablog sort of obit on the Lite Guv:

The answer is that he never had a constituency. There is no statewide constituency in Texas for a moderate Republican. Dewhurst is a decent, well-meaning fellow, but he was overwhelmed by the far-right wave. Over the course of two election cycles, he ran into two political phenoms, Ted Cruz and Dan Patrick, and he was no match for them.

Dewhurst never understood the tea party: They were driven by an anger and a zealotry that was beyond his understanding, and he was helpless to challenge it. But it must also be said that Dewhurst’s political instincts range from awful to nonexistent. He was putty in the hands of activists like Michael Quinn Sullivan. He thought he could win over Dan Patrick by making him chairman of education, but all he did was hand Patrick the knife with which to stab Dewhurst in the back. Whatever personal problems Patrick may have, he is one of the shrewdest politicians Texas has produced. All these years later, Dewhurst still doesn’t understand that the Texas Republican party isn’t the party that existed when he became lieutenant governor and his genteel conservatism worked against him when it came to the tea party.

I am glad the ‘Stros still read Commentary. Here is what I said yesterday:

We need to bring up Jonathan Singleton from Triple A like now.

Well, he’s here! Meet our new first baseman. Plus he was signed to a multi-year deal so that means he will be sticking around. We got Jon Singleton from the Phillies as part of the 2011 trade that sent Hunter Pence to the Phillies.

Here is what MLB’s Richard Justice said:

Let’s not make this thing more complicated than it should be. First baseman Jon Singleton makes the Astros better. That’s the bottom line.

He will be wearing the numero 13. OK you diehards, name the ‘Stro that wore the numero 13 from 1995-2003?

CNN is starting to wear on me on some of their coverage. They know they are not righties like Fox or lefties like MSNBC so they want to play it up the middle. I get that but it appears like they want to create controversies or at least add fuel to them. They did this with the missing airliner, the Clippers, and now with the POW swap. I don’t mind healthy debate but sometimes I feel Wolf and some of his crew egg folks on. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t get that from AC360 and certainly not from Anthony Bourdain.

Billy Wagner of course wore the numero 13 for the ‘Stros.

Singleton will make his debut against the Angels this evening as Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, and Josh Hamilton visit The Yard for three.

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