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It is hard to picture an announcement coming from the Dan Patrick campaign that trumpets Latino support for his Lite Guv bid. If they roll out “Latinos for Dan”, “La Communidad Con Dan”, “Siempre Con Dan”, or “El Pueblo Con Dan” it would pretty much be met with a ton of ridicule. Latino backers of Patrick would immediately have to defend his “illegal invasion” remarks. It would end of up being a major press story that would remind Latino voters of Patrick’s harsh rhetoric. It will be interesting to see how Patrick approaches the Latino voters in the coming weeks.

Piggy Fikac’s column today is about AG Abbott not commenting on the passage of the H-Town anti-discrimination ordinance. It is probably a good move on his part. He is not going to win any new voters by jumping into the fray.

Hall of Fame great Cal Ripken, Jr. threw out the first pitch yesterday at The Yard. How many times was he selected to play on the AL All Star Team?

The Lite Guv is apparently a good sport about getting his arse handed to him by Dan Patrick. He say he wants to help Patrick get elected. Here is from the Chron:

He has pledged to help get Patrick elected as lieutenant governor – “campaign for him, raise money, make phone calls for him, whatever he needs.”

There’s no word from Patrick yet on whether he will take Dewhurst up on his offer, though tea party activists such as Tom Dobbs of Houston suggest not: “I think Dan can get himself elected without any help, thank you.”

Boy, talk about being cocky and confident. Thanks, but no thanks pal. Sore winners?

I understand the concern some folks have about the swap for our POW. I understand that some folks don’t think it is a good idea to turn loose some bad guys, but do we to have to have congressional hearings on the swap?

Cal Ripken, Jr. was an AL All Star 19 times of course.

OK. Here’s where we are. 24-34 on June 2. We split four with B’More. Yesterday the bottom half of the batting order all had batting averages at the Mendoza Line or below. That is not acceptable. We can’t continue to trot out guys that are batting .193, .208, .164, .183, and .195. No mas! We need to bring up Jonathan Singleton from Triple A like now. 38,000 plus showed up Friday, 29,000 plus Saturday, and just over 17,000 yesterday. We have the day off and then host the Angels for three starting tomorrow.

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