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Yesterday the Secretary of State said Edward Snowden should man-up and come home to face the music. Last night NBC aired an interview with Snowden that got a lot of people to talking. This morning on the “Today” show viewers were asked to tweet on Snowden. Is he a traitor or patriot? Over 60% said he’s a patriot. This is a “Today” audience, not a Colbert audience. The President’s administration has arguably the best PR machine in the world and they are not winning the PR war against a fella hiding out in Russia. Maybe the White House ought to advise the Secretary of State to man-down.

There was another Springer dinger yesterday, his ninth of the season. Name the MLBer who holds the record for most dingers in a month by a rookie?

The anti-discrimination ordinance was approved last night on an 11-6 vote. I think I watched all of the hearings and meetings on the ordinance that were conducted this past month. Yesterday afternoon I jotted down my predictions on the vote based on my observations. I was perfect in my prediction – got them all right.

Now the opponents are going to try to get signatures on petitions to repeal the measure in November. They are also going to try to get a few council members recalled. Good luck and have fun!

The Chron has a front page analysis on what happened to the Lite Guv. What a waste of ink. Commentary and a few others said it was over for him when he got his arse handed to him by Ted Cruz back in 2012. He was dead man walking back then. The confirmation of him being a goner was when he named Dan Patrick Chair of the Education Committee.

Here is what Rice Political Science Professor Mark Jones says about the Dem candidate for Ag Commish:

“It’s really a sad state of affairs for the Texas Democratic Party when someone is able to be a statewide candidate without actively campaigning at all.”

His words, not mine.

Mark McGwire of course holds the MLB record for most dingers in a month by a rookie with 15 back in 1987.

Well, well, well! I am talking about the five game winning streak and being 22-32 when a year ago today we were 15-37. We took the roadie with 6 wins and 4 losses and we swept the Royals. Now more folks are starting to talk about the team. George Springer is leading the charge. Heck, we got three players that are All Star Game worthy – Springer, Jose Altuve, and Dalla Keuchel. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping they are the real deal.

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