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There is a story today in the Chron about what the Mayor said a couple of weeks ago on the anti-discrimination ordinance. She said “the debate is about me.” With those five words folks are saying she handed the ordinance’s opponents some ammunition by promoting a personal agenda. I disagree. Those folks don’t need any more ammo. To them LGBT is a four letter word and that’s all the ammo they need. Most of them probably have never voted for the Mayor. They are already getting ready to launch a signature drive to defeat the measure in November.

This is 2014. I love H-Town. Personally, I don’t want my city to allow discrimination against members of the LGBT community. I want my city to go where the rest of America is headed. So this debate is also about me and about you.

Let’s approve this ordinance tomorrow and then let’s successfully protect it in November.

When was the last time the ‘Stros sent two players to the MLB All Star Game?

Burkablog has the best lines for the today’s election:

Dewhurst cozied up to Dan Patrick during the 2013 session, and it got him nowhere except out of office.

The ground rules of Texas politics, at least for moderate Republicans, should be clear by now: Be yourself. Don’t try to ingratiate yourself with the far right. It’s a fool’s errand.

Turn out the lights, the party’s over. The Lite Guv’s folks are probably the only folks in the universe that think he’s going to win this evening. I don’t see it happening.

If you are a Dem and have not voted, you are going to have to look up your polling location and probably drive a little further to vote today.

The hot ticket this Friday will be at The Yard, err Reckling Park as the Longhorns and Aggies play each other in the NCAA Baseball Regional. That ought to be a cool atmosphere amid a lot of maroon and burnt orange. I’ll be at MLB’s Civil Rights Game where we will be hosting B’More, err Elite Giants and we will be the Eagles.

This past Sunday the ‘Stros beat the Mariners behind hurler Dallas Keuchel’s four hit complete game performance. He faced three batters above the minimum. After the game the Mariners’ skipper said Keuchel only had “average stuff.” OK! Keuchel is carrying a 2.55 ERA, he is tied for sixth in the MLB in the win column with six, and he has pitched two complete games – only three other MLB pitchers have two or more complete games this season. If Keuchel keeps this up, the ‘Stros could very well have two players represented at this year’s All Star Game. Jose Altuve is batting .323 and leads the MLB in base hits with 71.

In 2009 the ‘Stros sent Miguel Tejada and Hunter Pence of course to the All Star Game.

What did you think of George Springer’s performance last night? 4 for 4, 3 RBIs, and 5 runs scored. He’s lighting it up for sure.

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