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And Vote

Today is the last day to vote early. Here in Harris County if you don’t vote early today it is going to be a hassle on Tuesday. On Election Day the polling locations will be super combined. For Dems the Early Voting locations will be utilized plus a few others. You will have to go online to check out where you vote.

Yesterday, on Day 4 of Early Voting here in Harris County, 1,269 Dems voted in person and 203 by mail. 7,967 GOPers voted in person and 658 by mail. The totals to date in Harris County: 46,329 in the GOP column, 11,892 Dems.

It looks like the overpass versus the underpass issue on METRO’s East End Line is over. The METRO Board ignored pleas from elected officials for a 30 day postponement on a decision. No mas said the METRO Board. The voters approved the light rail extension over ten years ago. My friend Second Ward leader Jessica Hulsey says it is time to move on. It is hard to argue with Jessica. If you can’t resolve this in ten years you are not going to do it in 30 days.

Name the MLBer who holds the record for most base hits in a season?

I was sent this yesterday: http://www.RecallMayorParker.com. They are not happy with the Mayor proposing the anti-discrimination ordinance. I don’t know much about H-Town recall efforts. We recalled the red light cameras but not an elected official. At least not to my knowledge.

Somebody needs to tell the AG Abbott supporters that those “Abortion Barbie” posters and references don’t get you any new votes. Bad taste doesn’t get you votes – period! In case you missed it here is what I am talking about.


Ichiro Suzuki of course holds the season record with 262 base hits set in 2004.

Now we have lost three in a row. Just when I thought we were over the hump. OH, well.

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