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Well I guess Dem activists are going to get what they asked for – Sen. Dan Patrick!

It looks like Dems will get their preferred opponent, err bogeyman.

Sen. Patrick blew away the Lite Guv in the fundraising department in the latest report and it looks like he’s on his way to a victory next Tuesday evening.

I am sure his handlers will tell him to cool the inflammatory rhetoric on immigration and move a little to the middle on a number of issues but I don’t think he’s capable of heading in that direction and I don’t think he’s comfortable with that notion. That’s not who he is. Being bombastic is his nature. That’s his signature and his brand.

One of the first things Dems need to do – and I hope they have already started – is to line up prominent state Latino GOPers who will publicly endorse Sen. Leticia Van de Putte AND attack Sen. Patrick.

I am certainly not going to lay out a strategy for Dems on how to play Sen. Patrick. I don’t want to help out the Patrick camp. I will say this. Rather than just utilizing the same old Dem base groups or allies to do the attacking, try recruiting moderate leaning organizations and leaders to help out in this department. Start painting a picture of what the Lone Star State will look like under Sen. Patrick’s leadership.

Name the player with the most career post season (World Serious, LCS, LDS, etc.) At-Bats?

On Day 2 of Early Voting in Harris County 1,160 Dems voted in person and another 197 by mail. 7,689 GOPers voted in person and another 745 by mail. To date in Harris County, 29,505 GOPers have cast ballots and 7,016 Dems have voted.

Some talking heads are saying today that the Tea Party took it on the chin yesterday in some GOP primaries held in different states. I don’t know about that. All the GOP candidates running sound like Tea Party candidates.

Derek Jeter of course holds the MLB record for most career post season At-Bats with 650.

Jose Altuve is batting .313 and is second in the MLB with 61 base hits – 1 behind the leader. We lost last night.

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