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The Lite Guv’s campaign is out of control, in a tailspin, dead in the water – you name it – done, already has the fork stuck in it. It was all self-inflicted.

The Lite Guv couldn’t convince Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson not to release Sen. Dan Patrick’s medical records. To me that’s a campaign that lacks discipline and a candidate that can’t command respect. If a key supporter or an endorser goes rogue on a campaign that kind of means the supporter/endorser lack confidence in the campaign and the folks in charge. They are saying “you are not handling business so I am going to handle business regardless of what you say.”

Here is what the Lite Guv told the Chron:

“I can’t control what other people are doing. Nor have I tried, other than telling Jerry Patterson on two occasions that I had a bad feeling about releasing documents and wouldn’t recommend he do that without carefully analyzing whatever he might find to see if its relevant today and don’t do anything that would confuse voters or turn off anyone on my candidacy.”

Talk about a lack of decisiveness! You don’t “recommend”, YOU TELL HIM NOT TO RELEASE!

Here is the Chron piece on the Lite Guv and Patterson:


The Lite Guv also says he really didn’t sign-off on the Danny Goeb web video tune. Not really!

This is from the Chron on the tune:

“To be blunt, I was shown it walking out of the WFAA debate that morning. And I said, ‘Huh?’,” said Dewhurst. “And I wasn’t comfortable with it. I didn’t have anything specific, but I just wasn’t comfortable. But some of my family members thought it was funny and they said it was not intended to be disrespectful.”

If in doubt…..blah, blah, blah. Well look at it this way. The Lite Guv is at least starting to ‘splain the arse whipping he’s getting next week.

Name the last Angels player to lead the AL for most dingers in a season.

I tweeted this last night:

On the first day of #EarlyVoting in #HarrisCounty, 906 Dems voted in person, 6,819 by mail. 6,464 GOPers in person, 14,607 by mail. #Vote

In the first go-around back in February, on Day 1 of Early Voting in Harris County, 1,276 Dems voted early in person and 2,807 GOPers voted early in person.

The Chron E-Board came down on the Lite Guv for the medical record mess. Check it out here:


Lisa Falkenberg pointed out a different take of sorts from the Dallas Morning News on the medical records. What would have happened if a news organization had found them first? Check it out here:


Of course we will never know because the news organizations in the state really don’t do “opposition research” on statewide candidates. They don’t have the resources these days.

Troy Glaus of course smacked 47 dingers for the Angels in 2000 to snag the AL season dinger title.

Should we be celebrating a three game winning streak? Are they for real? Remember when the team was batting below the Mendoza Line? Now we are at .235 and climbing. I have to admit they have been fun to watch this past week.

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