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Delay of Game

The Houston City Council decided to hold off on the vote on the anti-discrimination ordinance for a couple of weeks. They gotta do what they gotta do and that means talk to a few more folks and groups. I get it that some folks feel left out of the process and so you have to let them put in their two cents. Spend the two weeks getting their input. But in the end those that want to be for are going to be for it and those that are against are going to be against. It is going to be a bit difficult to get the folks that discriminate to support an anti-discrimination ordinance. I would be surprised if anything major happens during the two weeks.

The votes on City Council are there for passage.

The Mayor said after the City Council meeting that she had been planning to put the Uber and Lyft stuff on the agenda in two weeks but now she will have to wait until they get the anti-discrimination ordinance handled. I agree, you don’t want both issues on the same agenda.

I say a big no on this. Treat Guv Dude like everyone else. Here is from the Statesman:

In advance of Gov. Rick Perry’s likely appearance before a grand jury investigating possibly criminal charges against him, the governor has asked about entering the courthouse through a back entrance, out of sight of the public and reporters.

In an ironic twist to an unusual case, the only way other than through public entrances to access the grand jury courtroom is through Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg’s office.

He doesn’t want this image replayed if he runs for Prez. Too bad! There is no reason why he should be cut any slack. No way, Jose! What’s the matter? Afraid to show your swagger?

The White Sox visit The Yard this weekend. How many White Sox pitchers have won the Cy Young Award?

Hunker Down called a meeting of Dome “stakeholders” and Commentary wasn’t invited. Were you? I guess they know my position – well at least I have a position. This is from the Chron:

The uncertainty returned last fall after voters rejected a $217 million bond proposal to turn the Dome into an events center.

“If we can’t find a group or a solution to use that building, we’re going to get to demolition eventually,” said Beth Wiedower, a senior field officer for the National Trust. “Yes, this is great that it’s been recognized as historic, but our efforts are going to be focused on reusing the building because that’s ultimately what’s going to save it.”

Same song, same tune! It is really sad to see this play out.

Three White sox pitchers have won the Cy Young Award of course: Early Wynn (1959), Lamarr Hoyt (1983), and Jack McDowell (1993).

We took the series from the Rangers last night. First time that has happened since 2008. It was a Matty D walk-off win. The team has 11 base hits in each of the last five games. Are we improving? I have no idea. We still have 121 games remaining and we shall see.

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