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This is from the internet on the definition of blackface:

Blackface: makeup applied to a performer playing a black person especially in a minstrel show.


Blackface is a form of theatrical makeup used by performers to represent a black person.

It is offensive.

We all know the story about HCC Trustee David Wilson’s campaign trickery last fall. He was a White fella running as a Black fella appealing to Black voters in a Black trustee district. Somebody probably told him going door-to-door in blackface was not a good idea so he resorted to campaign mailers utilizing stock photos of African American families, old folks, young couples – you get the picture. You might want to call it blackface tactics. He even got his third cousin Ron Wilson to endorse him. This campaign strategy along with the incumbent trustee’s lack of campaigning got Wilson a victory.

Apparently, Wilson is now trying to apply this blackface strategy to defeat the anti-discrimination ordinance over at H-Town City Hall. I was forwarded an email yesterday. It is from a Reverend R.J Ballard at HoustoniansForFamilyValues@activist.com. He wants folks to know that the proposed ordinance is an immoral piece of you know what and to call Council Members C.L. Bradford, Jerry Davis, and Dwight Boykins, and to let them know to vote against the ordinance. All three are African American.

The email includes a stock photo of an African American family. It also includes a photo of Reverend Ballard – or should I say a stock photo. I don’t think there is a Rev. Ballard. I tried googling him and found zilch. The email was created by David Wilson. Heck, Wilson’s address is on the bottom of the email.

Maybe Wilson couldn’t get an African American preacher to get behind the somewhat incendiary language used in the email. He should have asked the African American preacher who addressed City Council yesterday to stand in for Rev. Bullard. You know, the one who told the Mayor that her time had expired.

David Wilson and his blackface tactics at work again. It is offensive.

How many times has a member of the Texas Rangers won the AL MVP Award?

Well the Texans have a problem with their Hall of Fame bound wide receiver Andre Johnson. Johnson is not happy with the team’s off-season moves. Who am I to argue with the greatest player in Texans’ history especially when he is right?

This funny tweet from baseball writer Peter Gammons on the Solange and Jay Z elevator episode:

Solange and Jay Z were debating Cano vs. Pedroia.

Five Rangers have won the AL MVP six times of course: Jeff Burroughs (1974), Juan Gonzalez (1996 and 1998), Ivan Rodriguez (1999), A-Roid (2003), and Josh Hamilton (2010).

Well last night was refreshing. MariGirl and I saw them get an 8-0 shutout win. How does that happen? Maybe they took offense to me calling them underperformers yesterday.

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