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I tweeted this yesterday:

Chron poll yesterday, 15k votes, 32% Clowney, 30% Manziel. Today @AnniseParker endorses Manziel, now 32% Manziel, 32% Clowney, 8 vote lead.

Now it is 33% to 32% for Johnny Football.

H-town will learn this evening who goes numero 1.

Since we have been the Texans we have had the top pick twice and neither led us to a Super Bowl. In fact since then only one top pick has led his team to the Super Bowl – Eli Manning, and he didn’t lead the team that picked him.

Top pick Alex Smith was on the 49ers when they went to the Super Bowl but was not the starting QB in the big game. So even though there is going to be a lot of hoopla this evening with the first pick, odds are the player picked won’t lead us to the Super Bowl. Now that is a bummer.

Everybody knows we need a QB but most experts are saying we are not going to pick Johnny Football. I guess that is why they are experts.

Name the most recent MLB number 1 draft pick that played in a World Serious?

Check out the silly Danny Goeb video here: http://www.texasmonthly.com/burka-blog.

This was in yesterday’s Chron:

Bo Porter said he wanted to be the most improved team in baseball. Jeff Luhnow spoke of significant improvement and an exciting team. Owner Jim Crane even talked of how happy he’d be to see a .500 record.

One-fifth of the schedule says “fat chance” all-around.

The Astros have trotted out a shrug-worthy and deflating brand of baseball almost nightly. That’s not a change from last year, it’s part two.


The bullpen might come close to meeting the legal definition of false advertising.

Oh, well.

David Price of course was the top pick in the 2007 MLB Draft by the Rays and the next season saw action in the 2008 World Serious with the Rays.

Let’s see the Texans have the top pick this evening, next month the ‘Stros will have the top pick, and it looks like next year the ‘Stros will have the top pick.

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