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House Speaker John Boehner is fixing to put together a special committee to look at the Benghazi attack – oh brother! Isn’t there a committee that has already been looking into this for over a year? House Dems are deciding if they want to participate. I say a resounding h—l no! Here is from an AP story:

The Obama administration and House Democrats said Monday they were undecided about whether to take part in or boycott an election-year investigation by Republicans into the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans.

House Speaker John Boehner announced last week he would create a select committee to examine the response to the deadly Sept. 11, 2012, assault on the U.S. diplomatic post in Libya that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Legislative aides said a vote to authorize the panel is expected sometime this week. On Monday, Boehner said Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., would head the investigation.

The action puts President Barack Obama’s team and House Democrats in a bind. They are concerned about what they believe will be a partisan forum for attacks on the president and his top aides ahead of crucial midterm elections in November, which could swing the Senate to GOP control. But avoiding the committee altogether means sacrificing the ability to counter Republican claims.

This is about using Benghazi to embarrass former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They are going to stretch this thing out all the way to 2016. By not participating the GOP will only get coverage for the first meeting or two and the story will be that Dems didn’t show up. Then they will stop getting coverage because the hearing will become so obviously one sided. The House GOP doesn’t deserve cooperation from House Dems.

We can’t get cooperation from the House GOP on immigration reform. The votes are in the House for immigration reform but Speaker Boehner is too scared of his own Caucus to put it to a vote. Let’s not give them a forum to bash Hillary and the administration.

The new Tigers’ skipper is Brad Ausmus. Name the different MLB uniforms Ausmus wore as a player?

Yesterday the Chron did a story on the Dem candidates for U.S. Senate here in the Lone Star State. Today the Chron has a story on our Ag Commissioner candidates. Here are a few lines from the story:

“One of them’s a dangerous commodity, the other’s a guaranteed dud,” Democratic strategist Jason Stanford said.


While some analysts think a (Kinky) Friedman candidacy could attract Republican and independent votes in the general election, others see his potential candidacy as a drag on the party.

“Friedman represents the idea that anyone can be a Democratic candidate for high office because there’s so few accomplished Democratic candidates ready to run statewide,” (SMU Professor Cal) Jillson said. “And, that’s not a message that Democrats want to trumpet.”

I don’t know about this. This is probably the one time I am not going to say how I cast my ballot.

After the ‘Stros game this past Saturday, Commentary came home and settled in and watched the White House Correspondents Dinner live on CNN. The New York Times and folks like Tom Brokaw won’t participate in the dinner because they think it has gotten out of hand. It has something to do with co-mingling Washington with the media and Hollywood celebrities. Oh, brother!

I have said it before, the New York Times and Brokaw’s NBC news do more than their fair share of reporting on Hollywood celebrities. Why? Because the public wants it. That is why folks watch programs like E!, Access Hollywood, and other celebrity driven shows. That’s why Brokaw’s own NBC’s “Today”, one of NBC’s biggest revenue generators, covers them. That’s what folks want.

Like it or not that is who we are. I actually think it is refreshing to see a guy like Joel McHale that I really had never heard of poke fun at The President and other DC bigwigs. Washington isn’t broke because folks like Sofia Vergara, a Duck Brother, and The Good Wife show up to mingle with Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Ted Cruz, Bob Scheiffer, and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright for a night or two out of the year. BTW: The “Today” show had a crew yesterday morning on the set of “The Voice”, an NBC property. This morning they did a segment on the folks that showed up dressed in fancy clothes at some gala in New York City.

Brad Ausmus of course played for the Padres, Tigers, ‘Stros and Dodgers.

It is May 6 and we now have the worst record in MLB. We still have 130 games left in the season. It is going to be a very long season.

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