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Debate Watch

Commentary was at Friday’s GOP Lite Guv candidates’ debate. I took Brad W. with me. Best I could tell we were the only Dems in attendance. There were a lot of older folks, mostly couples, and only two folks of color – I think.

When we were brought into the studio I counted around 90 folks total including station staff, audience members, media, and campaign handlers. It was hard to tell which candidate the audience was supporting. There weren’t a whole lot of reactions to the slams, one-liners, and verbal jabs.

If you watched the debate you know that Sen. Dan Patrick is far more polished. The Lite Guv had a few stumbles. Sen. Patrick pretty much ignored the moderator’s request to answer the questions and stay within the allotted time.

I found it interesting the Sen. Patrick used his opening to respond to the Lite Guv’s attack ads. The Lite Guv was certainly the aggressor and Sen. Patrick spent a lot of time on defense.

The day after the primary most folks including Commentary thought that the Lite Guv was toast. So why wouldn’t Sen. Patrick use his debate opening to talk about his vision and his credentials? I obviously don’t have polling info on the race but maybe the two weeks of Lite Guv attack ads are moving some GOP voters.

Meanwhile, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson is endorsing the Lite Guv today. Why would he jump on a ship that is supposedly sinking?

The ‘Stros are in Detroit for four. The Tigers last won the World Serious in 1984 when they beat the Padres in five. Since then they have been to the Serious twice. When?

I am not going to talk about Friday night’s basketball game that we lost. I was just stunned.

So I guess the next three days we will be talking about our top NFL draft pick while the Texans’ front office will make it sound like they got their act together.

The anti-discrimination ordinance is on the H-Town Council Agenda for this week so expect a lot of folks to show up at City Hall tomorrow and Wednesday.

The Tigers of course lost the 2006 World Serious to San Luis and the 2012 World Serious to the Giants.

We won one by one run this weekend and lost two by one run – got it. We put ourselves in deep holes Saturday and yesterday.

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