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First of all my Dad’s surgery went well Friday and he is A-OK.

Somebody needs to ‘splain to Commentary why the LA NAACP was going to give Donald Sterling ANOTHER Lifetime Achievement Award. Does the phrase PLATINUM SPONSORSHIP come to mind?

Bryant Gumbel was on “Meet the Press” yesterday and compared Donald Sterling’s past discriminatory business practices to those of Jim Crane, owner of the ‘Stros. Ouch! The ‘Stros put out a statement yesterday saying Crane was a nice fella and they also blasted Gumbel. The Chron has the statement on their website. Gumbel was on “Meet the Press” and had a bigger audience. Of course Crane could go on the ‘Stros network and issue the statement and nobody would be watching. Too bad.

Since nobody has really stepped forward to defend Sterling and he hasn’t denied the tapes, I am thinking the NBA will dump him as an owner.

The Nats visit The Yard for two starting tomorrow. They used to be the Expos. How many times have the Nats/Expos been in the playoffs?

In the hard copy of the Chron today is a front page story on some members of the H-Town City Council not happy that they learned from developers that the City is bidding on the Downtown Post Office property. The City wants the property for a justice center – police headquarters and municipal courts. The City would sell its 61 Riesner property. Apparently the developers don’t want the City bidding on the Post Office. I get that the Council Members should have been made aware but if we don’t get the property for a justice center then where would it go?

The justice center needs to be Downtown. Developers have no business trying to tell the City where to put it. They need to just shut up and go develop stuff.

For those that will be lucky to snag a Chron invite to the GOP Lite Guv race debate this Friday in H-Town, here are the audience rules:

As audience members, you and your guest are expected to adhere to the following rules:

• Cell phones must be turned off.
• No political shirts, hats, gear or signs will be allowed.
• No cheering, applauding or booing is allowed during the meeting.
• No video or audio recording allowed.
• No autographs or photos with the candidates will be allowed.
• Audience members will not be allowed to approach the candidates.
• Please help us maintain this debate as a non-partisan event.

The Expos made it to the playoffs in 1981 and the Nats in 2012 of course.

We split four with the A’s and our Skipper kind of acted silly and has not gotten over Jed Lowrie. I also snagged a foul ball Saturday and gave it to a kid.

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