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Commentary was watching on the flat screen yesterday a joint H-Town City Council Committee meeting on a draft of a proposed ordinance on “vehicle for hire” or letting Uber and Lyft service H-Town – legally. First let me say that I am not working for any of the parties involved.

During the meeting I tweeted this:

How come the Taxi/Limo supporters far outweigh the Uber/Lyft supporters at #HoustonCityCouncil meeting today?

I got this reply:

@MarcCommentary They’re at work?

I also tweeted this:

“We don’t choose. We serve all.” On shirts of Taxi supporters at #HoustonCityCouncil meeting today.

And this:

“Always There, Always Fair” On shirts of Taxi drivers at #HoustonCityCouncil meeting today.

Most of the folks that spoke at the committee meeting were either with the taxi or limousine industry – drivers and owners. The taxi and limo folks fully acknowledge it is a bottom line issue. They far outnumbered the Uber and Lyft folks yesterday.

I didn’t hear a whole lot of love from members of city council on the proposed ordinance. I think I predicted earlier that the Uber and Lift folks would pretty much get what they wanted. I didn’t see, hear or feel that yesterday.

The administration wants to get something done but city council certainly isn’t there today.

The issue of service reduction to low income communities is out there and has not been addressed. This a concern for some members of council. Some of those low income folks vote and use taxis.

I don’t know if members of city council think they will face political backlash if they vote against Uber and Lyft. The companies are located on the West Coast. Their local drivers haven’t flooded H-Town City Hall. I don’t know if the folks that they serve go out and vote. Folks that come in from out of town and use these guys obviously don’t vote here. The folks that use it to go to clubs and concerts are from the demographic that don’t show up at the polls. I don’t see where the political pressure would come from.

The taxi and limousine companies are local and many play local politics if you know what I mean.

Stay tuned!

Last night Albert Pujols became the 26th member of the 500 career dinger club. Name the 500 career dinger club members that are NOT in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Happy 100th Birthday to Wrigley Field today!

At yesterday’s H-Town City Council afternoon session a bunch of folks showed up to speak in support of a revitalized Gus Wortham Golf Course. They made some good points. One speaker said that the current debate on Botanical Gardens versus golf was dividing the community. A couple of speakers said that the LPGA may be interested in coming to H-Town under a revitalized Gus Wortham. Another wanted to know why the city would kill off one asset and replace with another.

Another speaker wanted to know why the botanical gardens folks had not conducted a traffic impact study. Another said he didn’t want a 107 year old historical golf course replaced. They made a good case.

A supporter for the botanical gardens said golf was dying – huh! Does Tiger know?

Barry Bonds, A-Roid, Junior, Jim Thome, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Man-Roid, Gary Sheffield, and Pujols of course are members of the 500 career dinger club and are NOT in the Hall of Fame.

We have won two in a row and we are now batting .200 – whew!

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