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HCC Does

BREAKING NEWS: Mexico just got hit with a 7.5 earthquake. Stay tuned!

Well it looks like the folks at HCC follow Commentary. The HCC Trustees moved forward on parts of the bond package. Here is the story from the Chron:

After lengthy and at times heated discussion, the Houston Community College board voted unanimously Thursday night to approve four contracts for bond-funded work some say has been stalled for too long.

The board, divided until Thursday, had failed to approve construction contracts for its November 2012 voter-approved bond program, even as the college bumps against a federal spending deadline that, if missed, could result in fines under a worst-case scenario.

“The fear is the potential penalties that come with any further delay,” Trustee Adriana Tamez said at the meeting. “We have to ask questions – that is important. Let’s do it quickly.”

The board took the first step, awarding four contracts for “construction managers at risk,” who serve as the general contractors, responsible for the construction work and managing costs. The contracts will allow work to begin on a new southeast campus and at the Northline, Missouri City and Stafford campuses. A fifth contract, for work at the North Forest campus, was pulled because the contract needs to be voted on at the same time as another for a separate project, officials said.

Before taking a vote, some trustees said they still have questions for administration about projects in the $425 million bond package. Others stressed that the college system needs to make sure contracts go to local companies.

Trustee Sandie Mullins echoed the perception of some in the community that the board is micromanaging the bond process. Trustee Carroll Robinson bristled against that suggestion, saying the job of a trustee is to ensure the college spends taxpayer money wisely.

“If that’s micromanaging, then I’m going to micromanage,” Robinson said.

I am not going to say anything about this last quote other than to say it is kind of silly. Quien es mas macho!

The team is in Oakland for three. When was the last time the A’s were in the World Serious?

The Lite Guv spoke to the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce yesterday and here is what he said:

“I speak Spanish … I lived in South America and I worked in South America. I love Hispanics because Hispanics believe in business.”

Sigh! Is that it? No se puede!

I try not to make fun of the missing airliner. It is the death thing. Check out Nick Anderson’s latest cartoon here:


The A’s last played in the 1990 World Serious of course and were swept by Cincy.

I am thinking we need to look at getting some players that can hit. Krauss, Carter, Presley, and Villar are riding the interstate. The team is batting .188. I know it is early but we are on pace to lose 111 again.

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