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A huge shout out goes to the Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg for being named a Pulitzer Prize finalist yesterday in the Commentary category. The fella that won was from the Detroit Free Press and wrote about the City of Detroit fiscal mess. The other finalist was from the Boston Globe and wrote about the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. Falkenberg has written about everything H-Town and the Lone Star State like pay-to-play, Pre-K, janitors, payday loans, Lite Guv candidates, and David Wilson. Here is from the Pulitzer Prize on the winner and finalists in the Commentary category:

Awarded to Stephen Henderson of the Detroit Free Press for his columns on the financial crisis facing his hometown, written with passion and a stirring sense of place, sparing no one in their critique.

Also nominated as finalists in this category were Kevin Cullen of The Boston Globe for his street-wise local columns that capture the spirit of a city, especially after its famed Marathon was devastated by terrorist bombings; and Lisa Falkenberg of the Houston Chronicle for her provocative metro columns written from the perspective of a sixth-generation Texan, often challenging the powerful and giving voice to the voiceless.

There is no doubt that Falkenberg is a kick-arse columnist. I have disagreed with a couple of her takes in the past but she does what she is supposed to do. The winner and the other finalist were writing about major national news stories. Falkenberg was writing about stuff that goes on every day in these parts.

I certainly don’t want H-Town to suffer and experience a national tragedy but I would note that the Chron was named a Pulitzer finalist for their coverage of Hurricane Ike a few years ago.

Well now Falkenberg gets well deserved national recognition. It would not surprise me at all if a bigger publication swoops down here and snags her from the Chron.

Here is what Falkenberg tweeted:

Such an outpouring of support. You’d think I won! …But seriously, thanks for all the kind words.

I have to root for the hometown fishwrap. Way to go Falkenberg!

Today folks remember. Here is the MLB/Red Sox tribute that was shown at Fenway the weekend after the bombing:


MLB teams will be wearing Jackie Robinson’s 42 today.

Everybody talks about Jackie Robinson but can you name the second African America player to enter MLB?

The Chron’s Ken Hoffman has a piece today about CBS’s decision to hire Colbert to replace Letterman. Last week Rush Limbaugh went bonkers over the decision. Who cares? It is not like the old days when we only had a few choices. Now you have a kazillion options so get over it or watch the History Channel or PBS.

The defenders of the NSA are not happy that The Washington Post and The Guardian won the Pulitzer Prize for their reporting on Snowden and the NSA. I am thinking that the defenders are in the minority these days.

Larry Doby of course made his MLB debut in July of 1947 as a member of the Tribe.

Commentary and MariGirl will be heading to The Yard this evening to check out the Royals. I really don’t expect a whole lot of folks to show up – maybe 14,000 and change. We don’t have a lot of KC fans in these parts. It will be nice hear how MariGirl’s new gig is going.

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