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Bet on Uber

NEWS FLASH! Poor folks always get shafted!

Well, that really isn’t a news flash because we all know that poor folks always get shafted.

Yesterday I was watching on the flat screen the H-Town City Council joint committee meeting on taxis, limousines, Uber, and Lyft. An expert consultant the city hired to assess the current landscape said that if Uber and Lyft were given the access they want, poor folks would bear the cost – in his expert opinion. Game over!

Poor folks don’t have a lobbyist in this fight so expect them to get the old shaft. They always do says history. So I would put my money on Uber and Lyft if you know what I mean so don’t even bother to stay tuned!

The ‘Stros are in Toronto. Name the only player in the MLB Hall of Fame wearing Blue Jay gear?

I have to hand it to the Mayor Pro Tem for suspending himself for five days. Of course it really sounds like he’s docking himself five days of pay because he was at that council meeting yesterday. Here is from the Chron:

City Councilman Ed Gonzalez will take a voluntary 5-day suspension without pay after an internal Houston Police Department investigation found he misplaced six homicide case files as he left the department to take his seat on City Council in 2009.

That punishment, which Gonzalez said he informed Mayor Annise Parker of Wednesday, is consistent with the discipline Police Chief Charles McClelland handed down last week to the eight other officers implicated in a broader probe of 24 homicide cases that had been ignored or shoddily worked.

McClelland has said Gonzalez, a sergeant when he left HPD, would have been among those punished if he still was with the department.

“It was a mistake that happened in my service back then, and I want to get it corrected and do what’s right,” Gonzalez said. “I do feel bad for the situation. Clearly it was a mistake. I think the chief was very firm in indicating that there’s now rules and policies and protocols and procedures to make sure these things never happen again.”

I heard that the lawsuit reform folks had bailed out on the Lite Guv’s campaign. Maybe the Lite Guv ought to reach out to the trials – just a thought.

Second baseman Roberto Alomar of course is in the Hall of Fame wearing Blue Jay gear.

According to the Nielsen ratings, nobody watch the ‘Stros game on the flat screen Monday afternoon. Actually I couldn’t make it to The Yard but I had it on. So I guess I was the only one in the H-Town area watching the game.

I don’t know what to say. We started at 2-0 and since then we are 1-6. It is starting to look more like 2013.

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