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Dynamic Gouging

The ‘Stros have won their first two games of the season. The last time that happened was back in 2003. Name the team they took the first two from in 2003?

Only 23,145 showed up last night to see the ‘Stros put it on the Yankees. That is pitiful. I blame it in part on dynamic gouging, err pricing. Dynamic pricing is when the team charges more for games involving teams like the Yankees and Red Sox. They would have had a lot more folks in the seats last night, heck even a sellout if they just charged regular admission prices.

That Conan fella took a shot at H-Town the other night. Here is from the internet:

Conan then goes on to say that Wikipedia says Houston is, “650 square miles, all of it comprised of burning garbage piles. Houston’s smog is the 8th worst in the USA, and it’s home to every serial killer that’s alive today. It’s industries are known for pollutin’, and it’s the favorite U.S. city of Vladimir Putin. And here’s my last line, and I don’t mean to be callous, but if you drive near Houston just keep going to Dallas.”

I have never thought that this guy was funny and I thought NBC execs were on acid when they named him to replace Leno a few years ago. It turns out he tanked in the ratings and he was yanked.

The head of Houston First wants to swallow the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau. Why?

The idea isn’t going over well with Hunker Down because he thinks the county owned facilities will not be promoted. Here is from a Chron story on the matter:

“We are bigger than Houston, and the name of the bureau (that would be subsumed) is the ‘Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau,'” County Judge Ed Emmett said. “We have Reliant, we have a lot of facilities that need to be marketed separate from the city of Houston.”

He added, “I’m not in favor of the Convention and Visitors Bureau merging with Houston First if it means the city of Houston suddenly takes control of it. I’ve expressed that to the mayor.”


Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack said the county contributes more than $600,000 annually to the visitors bureau and he is concerned about that money going to a group that might not support the entire region.

“As it stands right now, I wouldn’t vote to give something called ‘Houston First’ county money,” he said. Bringing the visitors bureau under the other group’s control, he said, is “not conducive to the unincorporated areas of Harris County, which are obviously highly important as far as future development. We build infrastructure, we do things, to attract people to Harris County.”

Well that seems to be the end of that. In reading the story I am not convinced that this is a good idea. It sounds more like a power trip by Houston First or is it Houston Thirst.

Ok, I know it is only two games so either we are very lucky, it is some sort of statistical anomaly, or we are a much improved ball club after taking the first two games from a Yankee team with some pretty good ballplayers. Like I said, I know it is only two ball games but that Dexter Fowler fella already has two doubles, a triple, and a dinger.

The ‘Stros took the first two from the Rockies back in 2003 of course.

It is Dollar Dog Night at The Yard this evening and can we actually sweep the Yankees?

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