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Commentary is not involved in the following debate. Here is from the Chron:

Politicians rarely fret when philanthropists offer to spend millions of dollars improving a public park – that is, until two groups of donors eye the same site, as is the case with Gus Wortham Golf Course.

The nonprofit Houston Botanic Garden wants to lease the century-old course, which sits on 150 acres in the East End, and pour up to $40 million in the first phase alone into a landmark amenity for Houston. Current plans call for part of the site to remain a city park.

Another group wants to raise $15 million to rehabilitate Texas’ oldest 18-hole course, saying the only reason it loses money – including a budgeted $75,000 this fiscal year – is that city has left it to rot.

They say the garden should be built elsewhere, the main alternative being Glenbrook Park, another city-owned course in southeast Houston.

Mayor Annise Parker said she wants a decision in April, and hopes to bring a long-term lease with the botanic garden to City Council in a few months. No city money would be spent.

The Mayor wants both competing groups to show her the money. Where are they going to get the $40 and $15 mil?

I really don’t think Glenbrook is an option because it has poor access so I think it is off the table.

If golf prevails and $15 mil is put in then it will be a different golf course all together and the green fees will rise and it may price out some of the current Wortham golfers. It could very well be a Memorial Park East of sorts. The demographics of the East End are shifting. The folks that are now moving in could very well help support a renovated upscale type golf course. Stay tuned!

Name the last Yankee to win the AL Cy Young Award?

Check this:

According to the Gallery Furniture website, the first 500 customers who purchase $6,300 or more from the store and have it delivered within one week could get those items free if the Astros win over 63 games during the 162-game regular season.

After last night that $6,300 might be a good investment. Can the ‘Stros win 62 more games?

It was a packed house last night. Great weather. There were also quite a few Yankee fans in attendance.

Of course we also won our first game last season and ended up losing our arses off the rest of the year. Let’s see how they do tonight.

The Rocket of course was the last Yankee to win the AL Cy Young Award back in 2001.

The team will honor Derek Jeter this evening.

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