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The owner of the ‘Stros wants the team to finish at .500 or above this season. Well bring up George Springer! When was the first season we finished at .500 or above?

Commentary is a fan of “The Good Wife.” So I was floored when Will Gardner (the male lead played by Josh Charles) was murdered in a courtroom during the show last night. That usually doesn’t happen during a TV series. When a major player leaves a show they send him or her off to someplace like to Seattle as in the case of George Clooney in “ER.” The producers of the show sent out a letter to the fans this morning explaining the untimely demise of Will. Life goes on they said and this time I will stay tuned! I just hope next season they don’t show Alicia stepping out of the shower and letting us know that it was all a dream.

The breaking news this morning was the Malaysian Prime Minister making it official – the airliner is a goner and there are no survivors. I wonder how CNN will start playing it.

Sooner or later you know it was bound to happen. I’m talking about the spill out in Galveston Bay. We even made the national news for all the wrong reasons. It is probably only going to get worse.

NBCSports.com called out the ‘Stros Friday for sending a top prospect to the minors when he is ready to play now – George Springer. I have to agree. It is disappointing and shows a lack of respect for the fans.

Rojos del Aguila de Veracruz from the Mexican League visit The Yard this Saturday and Sunday to take on the ‘Stros. The Mexican League is like Triple A ball level but they are not affiliated with MLB clubs.

The ‘Stros finished 81-81 in 1969 of course.

The team sent ticket holders an email Friday asking for folks to carry the big flag out onto the field on Opening Day. I’ll pass.

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