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Commentary makes it a policy not to use curse or obscene words in my takes. I don’t want to offend folks. I do plead guilty to dropping a few freely in the company of some folks. I don’t find what Pizza Patron is putting out in their new ads as a curse or obscene word but obviously some folks do so out of respect I won’t fully spell out on this website. To me “La Ch____na” is like a “bad arse” Latina woman as in cool and in-charge.

Like I wouldn’t have a problemo if some Latino dock workers assigned that handle to my friend Port Commission Chair Janiece Longoria or if stuff starts getting interesting up with the House Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations, MALC staffers assigned the handle to Committee Co-Chair Carol Alvarado. Of course if Janiece and Carol found the handle offensive then I would have to respect them on that.

It is not a term I use a lot because it can only be assigned to a few in my book.

BTW: I have never had Pizza Patron grub. There isn’t one located near me.

How many all-California World Seriouses have been held?

The last thing Commentary wants to do is give advice to the campaign of AG Greg Abbott. I don’t know why he would oppose the equal pay bill. He is just handing us an issue that might resonate with some women voters. It is not like he is going to lose support among his base if he signs the bill. He can take an issue off the table. Oh well!

For the last month or so my Chron delivery has been spotty. Late, incomplete, or not at all. Today the Star section is missing. I think I am the only one on my street that still gets it delivered. I don’t know about that.

There have been four all-California World Seriouses of course: A’s over Dodgers in 1974, Dodgers over A’s in 1988, A’s over Giants in 1989, and Angels over Giants in 2002.

Jarred Cosart pitched five perfect innings last night against the Nats.

Cosart will start Game 2 of season against Yankees and Brett Oberholtzer will start Game 3.

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