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Commentary said this yesterday:

The Dem Party Senatorial Conventions are this week so I guess I’ll drop by mine even though at this point I don’t know where it is being held. I don’t expect much of a turnout. Some but not all of the precinct judges will show up. Members of Dem clubs and organizations will show up. A bunch of precincts won’t even have representation. Elected officials and candidates will be there. Only the faithful will show up. We’re fired up! Oh, well.

Some thought I was being disrespectful of the Dems that were working on organizing the senatorial district conventions. Far from the truth and here was my response:

“I did not intimate anything and I never questioned any one not working on it. I am just saying outside of the usual suspects nobody gives a rat’s arse just like nobody gave a rat’s arse about voting in the primary.”

To be real honest, I try to stay on top of things but I didn’t even know we weren’t having precinct conventions this year until a couple of weeks before the election when I ran across the info someplace. An elected official likewise wasn’t aware of the change until I mentioned it. In fact three of us that always vote early together and are all involved went to go vote early at one of the locations and I was asked by one of the election workers if I would be attending my “precinct convention” and I said yes and I was handed a certificate saying I had voted in the Democratic Party Primary. After we voted we all had a lengthy discussion about the purpose of precinct conventions. Yesterday I dug out the certificate and read it and found that it had the correct info about the precinct conventions being skipped this year. I was given the right info on paper but it was incorrectly explained to me orally.

I vaguely remember an email I got on the senatorial district conventions a few weeks ago but yesterday I had to spend a few minutes clicking links on the local party’s website to find the location and schedule of mine.

I intend to drop by mine like I always do.

My comments yesterday refers to the lack of enthusiasm out there. There was only a 2.7% voter turnout in the Harris County Democratic Primary. We hovered over 1% in boxes in GOP strongholds or in districts where there was no Dem action to speak of.

Of course, Pleasantville must have gotten the participation memo as 19.41% of the voters in Precinct 259 showed up with The Dean and Damian LaCroix splitting the vote right down the middle. (It is pretty obvious that is where Damian deployed most of his meager resources.) Precinct 228 in the Scott Street and OST area had an 18.42% turnout. I’m guessing the early voting location on Griggs had a lot to do with that.

I know it is the last day of winter and I am certainly not blaming anyone for the lack of local Dem voter enthusiasm but a buzz certainly needs to be created.

Some of us like to say that with a 2.7% turnout, the most informed came out to vote. Well then that would be troublesome in Latino boxes in Harris County where Sen. Wendy Davis’ Latino opponent got a chunk of the vote. Why would an informed Latino voter support a Latino candidate that is not campaigning?

The local base has got to get enthused. Dems in Harris County need to go after our vote at the beltway and beyond. Latinos need to get engaged. There has to be a buzz that Sen. Davis is in the game and that the Latino vote throughout the county could very well be the difference.

Name the six MLB clubs that have only played in one World Serious?

The MLB season officially gets underway this Saturday and Sunday in Sydney, Australia as the Dodgers and the D-Backs play two.

Yesterday I tweeted this:

Watching on #CNN incredibly heroic stories of 24 #MedalOfHonor recipients then @jaketapper butts in to discuss another #missingplane theory.

CNN didn’t have anything new on the missing airliner. They could have kept it on the 24 incredible stories of bravery. Oh well!

The Brewers (1982), D-Backs (2001), Angels (2002), ‘Stros (2005), Rockies (2007), and Rays (2008) of course have only played in one World Serious.

Nothing to report from The Yard today.

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