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Missed Opportunity

How many times have the Cubbies and the White Sox played each other in a World Serious?

I guess somebody forgot to tell the C Club the importance of the position of the Lite Guv’s Office. Either that or they are the most arrogant bunch of folks in H-Town. How can you have a debate and not invite the press. Sen. Dan Patrick backed out of the debate because the press are not allowed to cover the event. Here is what he said yesterday:

“I appreciate the ‘C’ Club as an organization, and their members individually. I have had the pleasure of addressing this organization as their luncheon speaker in the past, and hope to have that same opportunity again, but debates among major candidates for statewide office are simply not done in private.”

I agree with Sen. Patrick. This is an important race. I guess the C Club thinks they are more important than the race. This is a missed opportunity for sure. What are they thinking?

The Dem Party Senatorial Conventions are this week so I guess I’ll drop by mine even though at this point I don’t know where it is being held. I don’t expect much of a turnout. Some but not all of the precinct judges will show up. Members of Dem clubs and organizations will show up. A bunch of precincts won’t even have representation. Elected officials and candidates will be there. Only the faithful will show up. We’re fired up! Oh, well.

Ericka Mellon has a good assessment in the Chron today on the repurposing of HISD’s Jones High. Don’t expect it to work. Here’s Commentary’s take. An administration that recommended closing the school is now being asked to make it attract students from throughout the district. It is not going to happen.

The Cubbies and the White Sox met in the 1906 World Serious of course that the White Sox won in six.

Opening Night is two weeks from this evening!

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