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He Asked For It

This is from a Chron story that ran this past Saturday:

State Sen. Dan Patrick’s tendency to “showboat” sabotaged the Legislature’s efforts to rein in a rogue public school curriculum last year and spotlighted why he is not ready to serve as lieutenant governor, incumbent David Dewhurst said Friday.

That is the message Dewhurst said he intends to use to win back Republican voters who gave him a second-place finish to Patrick in the March 4 primary.


“Dan Patrick is no Ted Cruz,” said Dewhurst. “Ted Cruz is an authentic conservative, and Dan Patrick is not. I don’t see any similarities in the two races.”

The Lite Guv isn’t getting any sympathy from me. Sen. Patrick didn’t become a “showboat” yesterday. He has been “showboating” for a number of years. The Lite Guv new he was a “showboat” when he appointed him to Chair the Senate Education Committee. Sorry pal!

How many Subway Series have been played? (This doesn’t include the regular season match-ups between the Yankees and Mets.)

Now is the time of year where I start giving a rat’s arse about NCAA basketball.

My friend Bill King had an interesting column yesterday. It was about the federal government deciding to give up NASA’s shuttle program and relying on the Russians to give us a ride to the space station. It is a nice read so you ought to go check it out if you want something else to worry about.

If you only watch CNN for your news info, the only thing you’ve learned in the last ten days is that an airliner is missing and Crimea is a hot spot of sorts.

Fourteen Subway Series have been held of course. One with the Yankees and Mets, seven with the Yankees and Dodgers, and six with the Yankees and Giants. Got it?

The ‘Stros announced that Scott Feldman will be the Opening Day starting pitcher.

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