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A Plan?

Maybe the Lite Guv does have a plan to beat Sen. Dan Patrick in the run-off. He is still in the race. Here is from today’s Chron:

Despite mounting pressure to throw in the towel, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst skipped a Wednesday deadline to take his name off the May 27 primary runoff ballot, instead committing himself to an expensive come-from-behind battle against challenger Dan Patrick for the next 12 weeks.

The 11-year-incumbent trailed Patrick, a Houston senator and radio talk show host, by 13 points in last week’s GOP election in a four-way race that included Agriculture Commission Todd Staples and Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson.

“He is in it to win it,” Dewhurst spokesman Travis Considine said. “He is going to do what he does best – crisscrossing the state, talking to voters. A lot of money will be spent on TV.”

Austin political consultant and lobbyist Bill Miller voiced popular skepticism that Dewhurst can map a path to victory after his poor showing in the March 4 primary. “He is in a deep, deep hole,” Miller said. “The race is virtually impossible for him to win.” Political experts say it will be hard for Dewhurst, as an incumbent, to win back followers who threw their support behind other candidates on March 4.


Patrick’s political consultant, Allen Blakemore, tweeted Wednesday that an “independent poll” conducted in the race showed Patrick with a strong lead.

Conducted by Austin-based pollster Mike Baselice for Conservative Republicans of Texas – another Blakemore client – the survey taken on March 4 and 5 concluded that “among the two-thirds of the voters who indicate they are certain to vote in the May runoff, Patrick leads 59 percent to 32 percent,” according to memo written by Baselice.

The pollster also found that “among the four out of five respondents who participated in the recent primary election, Patrick leads Dewhurst 60 percent to 31 percent.”

If these polls number are anywhere near for real then the Lite Guv better get on TV soon – like now. For Dems this is probably a good thing. Both candidates will be going negative and will be bashing paperless folks. So it will be fun to watch.

When Roger Maris hit dinger numero 61 on October 1, 1961, name the team the Yankees were playing?

This season the MLB is going to implement instant replay challenges where a skipper can ask the umps to check out instant replay on certain types of call. I am not really a fan of this but that is how it goes. To make this fan friendly they ought to let us see what the ump is checking out. I hear though the team is going to be running some sort of ad entertainment during the replay challenges. I’d rather watch what the ump is watching so we can be engaged in the process. What do I know?

Reliant Stadium is now going to be called NRG Stadium. So I guess folks will be saying “let’s head out to the Nerge.”

Roger Maris got dinger numero 61 off of the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium of course.

Three weeks from this evening will be the last time we get to see Derek Jeter at The Yard.

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