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On Boycotts and Stuff

Some Dems including Cong. Joaquin Castro are going to boycott Buc-ees over his endorsement of Sen. Dan Patrick. Good luck.

Except for a few activist Dems, I don’t think most folks will pay attention to the boycott and join in. That’s not how folks run these days. They will take a clean bathroom over a boycott any day.

How many folks does Buc-ees employ throughout the state? I am thinking they are of the persuasion of folks that we need in the Dem column.

What happens when big GOP donor Robert McNair (owner of the Texans) forks over dough to Patrick later on this year? Are we going to root against J.J. Watt, Andre Johnson, and everyone else wearing the battle red? Oh well!

For what it is worth, Sen. Wendy Davis carried House District 145 (Rep. Carol Alvarado) with 78% of the vote. Her opponent Madrigal ran best in the more hard core Latino boxes.

Brett Wallace is no longer with the ‘Stros. How many of last year’s Opening Day starters are still wearing a ‘Stros uniform this morning?

Well what do I know? The Lite Guv is still in the race.

AG candidate Rep. Dan Branch is also hanging in there. I guess they both ignored last week’s Robert Miller memo. I don’t know about that. Before Robert took a break from handing out his takes his last post was pretty much on the mark. Check it out here: http://llbl.blogspot.com/.

It looks like we will just watch a whole lot of immigrant bashing over the next few weeks and it will make it more difficult for the GOP to attract Latino voters in the general. They asked for it!

Agent 99 turns 81 today. Happy Birthday Barbara Feldon!

Jose Altuve, second base, Chris Carter, left field, Jason Castro, catcher, and Matt Dominquez, third base, were 2013 Opening Day starters and are still ‘Stros this morning of course.

Nolan Ryan made it to Spring Training yesterday and more cuts are being made as we’re now 20 days from Opening Day.

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