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Day 6

HISD Trustee Anna Eastman had an outstanding Op-Ed on closing schools in yesterday’s Chron. Hope you checked it out. It was a straightforward assessment for sure. We need more elected officials like Anna.

It is the 6th day after the primaries and the Lite Guv is still in the race.

My friend Bill King’s Chron column yesterday was about the state of the state GOP. Here is a part:

A friend of mine runs a division of a large company here in Houston. He is a lifelong Republican and regularly contributes to Republican candidates. He told me a few weeks ago that he has decided to start directing more campaign contributions to Democrats because he thinks he has a greater chance of influencing the Democratic Party to moderate its more extreme positions than he does the Republican Party.

The next time I run into Bill maybe he can tell me which Dem positions he finds extreme.

Kevin Diaz of the Chron had a front page story yesterday about the Lone Star State GOP moving farther right. Here is a line that got my attention:

Some argue that the primaries have given undue influence to highly motivated extremists in both parties.

I take issue with those that argue that “extremists” have undue influence in the Dem Primary.

In MLB, 25 players are in the 500 club – that’s 500 or more career dingers. Barring injury, name the player most likely to join the club?

My friend Robert Miller got some run this past Friday for a memo he sent out to clients about doings in the GOP. Here is from the Tribune:

An email from a lobbyist at one of the state’s largest law firms suggests there may be efforts underway to persuade three second-place Republican primary finishers, including incumbent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, to withdraw from the May runoffs.

In a message sent to clients on Friday, Robert Miller, the chairman of Locke Lord’s public law division, wrote that only the “hardcore of the hardcore will vote” in the May Republican primary runoffs and that he believed the races for comptroller, attorney general and lieutenant governor “are over before they start.”

“Efforts are underway and will intensify to have Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, Rep. [Dan] Branch, and Rep. [Harvey] Hilderbran drop out of the races,” wrote Miller. “I don’t know whether these efforts will succeed, but I am certain that money will rapidly begin moving to [Dan] Patrick, [Ken] Paxton and [Glenn] Hegar. I am in the process of organizing major Houston fundraisers for each of them.”

A few hours later Hegar’s opponent threw in the towel. What else does Robert know?

I just saw a retweet where 14 GOP state reps are asking Rep. Branch to drop out of AG runoff.

I don’t think you will see any GOP state senators ask the Lite Guv to quit.

Albert Pujols of course sits at 492 career dingers and looks to be the next member of the 500 club.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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