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Tea Time

After the Lite Guv got his arse run by Ted Cruz in 2012, Commentary predicted the Lite Guv wouldn’t survive the 2014 GOP primary. Of course I also predicted a few days ago that Dan Patrick was done. What do I know?

Commentary is definitely not an expert on GOP politics but you have think that the Lite Guv’s camp is having serious discussions this morning on pulling out of the runoff. He is an eleven year incumbent of arguably the state’s most powerful elected office, sitting at only 28% and facing an enthused Tea Party electorate. What does his roadmap to victory look like? He got clobbered in 2012 and he’s looking to get clobbered this May.

He would have to dig into his own pocket again and ask a reluctant Capitol lobby to pony up and then he would have to wage a two month negative campaign. I don’t even think a negative campaign would work at this point. I don’t think Tea Party voters would be interested in hearing the facts about Patrick. They would probably forgive Patrick for hiring paperless folks 30 years or so ago. Plus Patrick would probably have the resources to fight back. Those Tea Party folks are something else.

If the Lite Guv does throw in the towel, I hope he doesn’t do it tomorrow on the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo, the symbolism would be unbearable.

Stay tuned on this one for sure!

Name the active MLB player with the second highest career batting average?

Well here in Harris County Dems can kind of sigh in relief as Kim Ogg and Steve Kirkland won their races.

The Dean, State Rep. Carol Alvarado, and State Rep. Alma Allen all won big.

Hunker Down took control of the local GOP Party.

It looks like Tarrant County will send a Latino Dem State Rep. to Austin.

It looks like Eric Opiela is heading to the back of the line – no amnesty for him – under no conditions.

Albert Pujols of course is second in career batting average among active players – he is hitting .321.

Just for what it is worth and it isn’t worth much, only 53,736 Dems voted in Harris County or 2.7%. It would be silly to blame this on the weather.

I got my tickets yesterday and this season’s slogan is “More Than Just A Game”.

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