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Election Eve

22,749 Dems voted early in person in Harris County versus 57,772 GOPers. 7,359 Dems have mailed in ballots versus 17,628 GOPers.

How many different ‘Stros pitchers have won 20 or more games.

The Chron E-Board came out against the local GOP slate cards. They call them pay-to-play. We will find out tomorrow night if the GOP slate cards trumps the Chron’s endorsements.

Can they have it both ways? I’m talking about the Lone Star State GOP. They worship the Latino Sen. Ted Cruz but most of their ads bash the invasion from Mexico and the immigrant community. I want to know what the state Ag Department has to so with immigration. That Ag Commish candidate Opiela fella says paperless folks need to go the back of the line – huh!

In the anticipated GOP runoff, it would not surprise me to see a runoff ad demanding that Alfonso Cuaron return his Best Director Oscar. Go back to Mexico!

The Chron has a front page article by Patricia Kilday Hart about Dems rooting for Sen. Dan Patrick. I’m rooting for him but I don’t think he will survive a runoff.

This past weekend I received another Alameel piece, another one from Houston Turnout Project, a letter from The Dean, one from Kirkland, one from the Houston GLBT Caucus, and one from the Harris County Tejano Democrats.

About last night, that Ellen selfie might have stolen the show. The pizza delivery was a strong second. I wanted to hear the reaction from the audience when they paid tribute to the departed.

Seven – Dierk, J.R. Richard, Joe Niekro, Mike Scott, Mike Hampton, Lima Time, and Roy O all won 20 or more games for the ‘Stros of course.

Every Thursday home game season is Dollar Dog Day.

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