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As of yesterday 14,131 Dems have voted early in person compared to 34,190 GOPers. In the vote by mail category it is 6,261 Dems and 15,862 GOPers. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Name the Actor/Actress that was nominated for an Academy Award for the 1984 flick “The Natural”?

I don’t think Sen. Dan Patrick has had a good past few days. He was outed of sorts last week when a private investigator turned up evidence that he used to hire paperless folks. Yesterday his marriage math was off by a chromosome or two. Now today he is running an ad denying everything. When you have to put out an ad denying stuff that usually means that what you have to deny is working. Got it?

A very nice crowd showed up at Rep. Carol Alvarado’s fundraiser last night.

FLASH! The Chron didn’t take a cheap shot at James Rodriguez today.

I went to vote yesterday. Why does the Dem Party have to put those issues at the end of the ballot? What is up with that? What is the point?

Yesterday I got another Alameel mailer and a HoustonTurnoutProject.org mailer.

Glenn Close of course was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for “The Natural” back in 1984.

Nothing to report from The Yard today.

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