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Rooting for Hunker Down?

The other day Kuffer said this about the race for Chair of the Harris County GOP:

“I’m just going to say this: Most Democrats I know are rooting for Woodfill to win. Those of you that vote in the Republican primary, make of that what you will.”

I don’t know about that. It appears as though Hunker Down wants to move his Party away from the far right ledge. Maybe if Hunker Down is successful these guys might come to the table on immigration reform and stop the hating of folks.

Once again the Chron gave another front page story to the GOP Chair race and here are bits:

The unusually divisive race to lead the Harris County Republican Party also may be the costliest, as challenger Paul Simpson raised an additional $145,000 in his bid to oust 12-year Chairman Jared Woodfill.

The bulk of that – $90,000 – came from County Judge Ed Emmett, who publicly and repeatedly has criticized Woodfill for his management style and unabashed focus on social issues.


Emmett on Monday said he has “told everybody that the best thing I can do to elect Republicans in the fall is to get rid of Jared.”

His $90,000 donation is in addition to $10,731 Emmett already had donated to Simpson from his campaign account.

The flick “Eight Men Out” is about the 1919 Black Sox Scandal and the fixing of the 1919 World Serious. Who did the Sox play in the Serious?

The Chron E-Board came out in support of Uber for H-Town today and in the process came out with a cheap shot on former Council Member James Rodriguez for working for Yellow Cab. Hey, it is their right to cheap shot but I think it was totally unnecessary.

Here is the latest. 12,405 Dems have voted early in person and 5,456 Dems have mailed in ballots versus 28,887 GOPers in person and 14,687 by mail.

The Sox lost to Cinncy of course in the 1919 World Serious.

The first Spring Training game is tomorrow versus The ATL.

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