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It’s TV, Man

Through yesterday here in Harris County, 8,399 Dems have gone to vote early in person versus 19,249 GOPers. 3,592 Dems have mailed in ballots versus 12,288 GOPers. It’s the TV ads, man. That’s all I see. Dewhurst, Patrick, Branch, Paxton, and all the rest. GOP candidates have the ads and that’s why they have a better turnout.

Speaking of their ads, most of the ads are what I call immigrant bashing. Latinos are being painted as invaders. According to a poll that has just been released it looks like there will be runoffs for Lite Guv and AG so we can expect another two months of bashing on TV.

Hey look at it this way. That is not going to do the GOP any good in trying to attract Latino voters come November. Hey, they asked for it.

Since this is the week of the Oscars, my questions will be about baseball and movies. In the flick “For Love of the Game” with Kevin Costner, Costner plays a 40-year old pitcher named Billy Chapel. What MLB club does Chapel pitch for in the flick?

This past weekend I got a Damian LaCroix mailer, a Judge Kirkland mailer, a David Alameel mailer, and another Judge Hinde mailer.

The eight-day campaign contribution and expenditure reports are due today.

Billy Chapel of course plays for the Detroit Tigers.

Yesterday the ‘Stros and other MLB teams sent out photos of team members urging peace in Venezuela – that’s a good thing.

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